What to Look for in Modern Furniture Design for Families in 2018

Finding the right furniture for a family home can be difficult, but with some help and some research, you will most certainly find the right fit for your home. Modern furniture has recently seen a rise in popularity, and 2018 will be no different. Many companies and websites exist to assist you in your search for quality modern furniture, and with the furniture packages we offer at Furniture Fitouts, you can be sure to find the right set of furniture for your home. As you search for designs to update your home décor, here are a few things to look for in modern furniture for family homes in 2018, and some tips on how to find them.


Wood Work

Wood working and wooden furniture has recently seen a development within modern styles. While entire modern sets may not be made of wood, there are elements to modern designs that contain wood, especially dark wood, in order to create sleek lines and contrast. Wooden decorations and wooden parts of furniture (such as a sleek chair with wooden legs) are a sure hit in 2018.


“Retro” Styles

While it might sound counterintuitive, retro styles are incredibly popular in the modern furniture scene today. Metals, bright and fun colours, interesting patterns, and more – many modern furniture designs feature a splash of the “old” and vintage. Actual vintage pieces are also highly praised in the furniture design world, even though they may not be literally modern. Keep an eye out for vintage (or vintage looking) pieces when selecting new modern furniture for your family!


Earthy Colours

Furniture and interior design trends point specifically toward many earth-inspired colours and shapes. Browns and greens take the foreground, with hints of black, blue, dark red, yellow, and various shades of grey to accent the tones. Golden hues and metal grey also offer a beautiful complement to earth tones. Furniture and accent pieces in these colours are very popular in modern furniture designs.


Metal Furniture

On the opposite end of the spectrum from wooden accents, metal furniture is a staple in the modern furniture world. Whether the entire piece is made of metal or simply contains metal accents, all the different shades and types of metal furniture are great pieces of modern style. Metal pieces also tend to be much more sleek and simplistic, which is the main characteristic of the modern style. Some metal pieces may be padded for a family-friendly set up.


Jewel Tone Accents

Finding smaller pieces of furniture or furniture decorations that are jewel toned in colour is a fantastic aspect of modern styles of furniture and design. Cheerful colours such as reds, emerald, sapphire, amethyst – all these colours make wonderful accent shades and pieces. Find lamps, pillows, footrests, etc., in jewel colours to accent the more neutral or lighter shades of typical modern furniture. These pieces will be the talk of your home décor!


Monochrome Colour Scheme

If deep colours are not your style, consider a monochrome colour scheme. Blacks, whites, and greys are another characteristic of the modern style that has been around for quite a while. It is difficult to go wrong with a beautiful, simple monochromatic layout. You can easily incorporate many characteristics of modern design with a monochrome layout. Metals and some dark wooden pieces would be a great fit in a greyscale set up.


Velvet Upholstery

Velvet and velvet-like fabrics are also seeing another surge in popularity. Velvet couches and chairs are a guaranteed hit, but you can also think outside of the box. Perhaps a velvet-covered headboard for your bed, or a velvet cover for your mattress. You can incorporate velvet upholstery in a multitude of ways. The soft texture and plethora of available colours will fit right into your modern family home.


Floral Patterns

Bright, beautiful flower patterns are making a huge comeback in modern interior design. The beautiful, intricate patterns can suit all sorts of tastes in all kinds of families, so anyone can find a floral pattern that suits their home. Children and adults alike can appreciate a fun or elegant floral pattern, so you can readily find a way to make flower patterns fit into your home.


If you are on the hunt for some great modern furniture for your family in 2018, take some time to research modern designs for yourself, and view furniture at local shops or online. At https://furniturefitouts.com.au, we offer a wide selection of furniture packages, and you can get in touch with us for a style consultation to get the furniture that truly expresses your personal style.

Fitout 101: What to Look for in a Furniture Staging Company

When placing your home on the real estate market, it is important to consider all of the factors to get your best price and a quick sale. Furniture staging, the act of setting up (staging) your home with beautiful furniture and décor, can help your real estate sell far quicker and even boost your selling price. With staging, the goal is to create an irresistible home to entice multiple buyers into making offers on the house. There are many companies out there that can help you with the task of staging, but how do you know which company will best serve your needs? Here are a few things to look for while searching for a furniture staging company.


1. View Their Past Work

If the furniture staging company’s website has a gallery of past projects, be sure to scroll through those examples. Buyers want a house that does not feel “fake”, so a company that “over-stages” a home may not be the right choice. If their designs are trendy and realistic, consider that company in your search. If their photographs show homes that you yourself would consider purchasing, that is even better!


2. Look for Referrals

When searching for a home staging company, do not simply rely on your own judgment. Seek advice from neighbours, friends, and your realtor in case any of them have had previous experiences with a home staging company that they employed. In the same vein as referrals, look up any possible reviews for the home staging companies that you’re considering to see what types of experiences their past clients have had.


3. Find Someone with Options

A good furniture staging company will have enough options for you to feel comfortable hiring their services for your needs. Whether you are trying to stage your home for future buyers or you need to prepare your home for habitation, finding a company with multiple choices, selections, styles, and experience will ensure the best outcome. For example, at Furniture Fitouts, we offer many different styles and types of staging, including commercial furniture staging, all of which can be viewed at https://www.furniturefitouts.com.au/. We also offer overseas fitouts for our clients not located in the Perth area. Our services are rendered to provide more flexibility for you.


 4. Ask Them Questions

A company who truly understands home staging and has experience in the field will be more than willing to answer your questions and calm your concerns. While considering a company, be sure to ask any questions you have, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. If they are open to your questions and give you straightforward answers, as well as if they are able to walk you through the process of your home staging, then you should definitely keep that company in mind.


5. Find Your Price Point

This may seem obvious, but finding a company that fits within your budget is incredibly important. A company with flexible options is more likely to have flexible pricing, and therefore they are more likely to work within your budget. Ask home staging companies for quotes and compare them against their services and what they offer. Finding the balance between the right price and high-quality furniture is a key aspect of home furniture staging.


6. Ask About Liability Insurance

While searching for a company, in the initial stages, make sure you inquire about liability insurance. The majority of reputable home staging companies who have years of experience will have liability insurance, so be sure you ask them about it. You do not want to be left responsible for any potential damages or losses that occur during transportation and arranging of furniture. Though companies will do their best to prevent any problems, you want to make sure you (and they) are covered in case of any incidents.


In the end, the biggest and best tip you can follow in searching for a furniture staging company is this: trust your intuition. If you view their past work, ask the necessary questions, receive a quote, and find a company with the right flexibility for your desires and budget, then trust your positive feelings. If the company you find checks all of your theoretical boxes, then they are the company for you!

Furniture Ideas for your Perth home in 2018

Whether you’re looking for new home furniture packages in Perth or simply looking to give one room in your property a face lift this year, you’ll probably want to know what’s hot and what’s not from home stylists in Perth.

A lot of the trends we’ve seen over the past few years, such as all-white kitchens and word art, are being phased out, Property styling Perth experts, Furniture Fitouts, are seeing a bold departure in terms of home furniture packages in Perth with customers opting for vivid tones and metallics that make a statement.

Although you should always stick with what you’re comfortable with and what works for your home, if you’re considering interior design packages in Perth, have a look at our list to see what takes your fancy and what’s fallen out of popularity. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and bring out your personality through your décor.

New: Jewel tones

We’ve seen it creep in with summer and as we move towards the winter, it will be all about rich tones that warm the home. Ultra Violet has been named as a colour for this year, and it’s certainly one to consider when choosing living room furniture packages in Perth. If you think that it will be too much on your walls, choose a comfy sofa and some chairs to add an air of opulence to your home. Other shades that are gaining popularity are darker blues and greens, perfect for those who love the ocean.

If you’re looking for furniture package deals in Perth for bedrooms, you may want to consider the calmer relatives of these colours, like lilac or light blue, for a calming effect.

Old: Millennial pink

The interior design world has long been obsessed with powdery pink shades, and whilst they look great against shades of grey and lighter corals or nudes, it’s probably a trend that is on the out. If you’re talking to a home stylist in Perth, they’ll recommend that you use pink for accessories and textiles, rather than investing in bigger pieces when choosing apartment furniture packages in Perth. This way, you get the effect that you please, but the overall theme won’t feel dated and they can be changed out in a few years if the attraction wears off.

New: Brass – the new metallic

Over the past few years, copper has been the go-to metallic but now brass is coming into it’s own. The aged finish lends weight to light fixtures and kitchen cabinets and will complement almost any house furniture package in Perth that you choose.  Watch out for silver making a comeback too.

Old: Word Art

It’s time to get less literal. Spelling out sentiments is so last year. When choosing furniture packages in Perth choose statements that are made through patterns or art, rather than stating the obvious on your walls or pillows.

New: Wabi Sabi

It’s not a made up word, and expect to hear a lot of it this year, particularly when talking to fit out companies in Perth. Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection – a great concept for furnishing your home. Handmade and hand painted items really lend a personal touch to your home, and if you choose these when home styling in Perth you’ll actually find that these items grow more attractive with age. New colours and textures will emerge as they weather the years letting you appreciate the subtle differences and bringing new personality to your home.

Old: Random architectural elements

When choosing house furniture packages in Perth, you’ll notice that complementary styles and pieces are used. Architectural elements that aren’t cohesive with these will stand out, and not in a good way. If you have a modern home, then one old antique piece is not going to fit in your Scandinavian style kitchen. All things can be fantastic in the right setting, but it needs to be appropriate.

New: A return to nature

As we live in a constant state of connection with new technology, the trend for reflections of nature in our home becomes stronger. When choosing apartment furniture in Perth organic materials and earthy tones can help you restore your connection with nature and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Old: Stainless steel sinks

Now seen as minimalist and cold, stainless steel sinks are falling out of popularity. As with the desire for earthy luxury, expect to see concrete, stone and even unusual colours and designs for more daring customers.

New: Furniture with curves

Package deals for furniture in Perth are now including more shapely pieces of furniture, from sofas and chairs to kitchen tables. Gone are the formulaic shapes of old, and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes to your living space – these pieces even look more comfortable.


New: Dark wood cabinetry

The theme for earthy tones continues in cabinetry. Although blonder tones have been popular for quite awhile now, there’s been a shift away from them and there’s a lot of walnut and rosewood being used to create new house and apartment furniture in Perth. Even charring, which leaves a blackened surface effect, can look fantastic in the right setting.

Furniture Fit Outs are specialists in providing furniture hire in Perth and package deals on furniture in Perth. If you’re interested in a particular trend or advice on buying new furniture, call us on 08 9256 4242 or send an enquiry.

How the Right Design Makes a Small Space Look Bigger

Most of us wish our homes had more space, and it can be difficult to achieve the look you want in a smaller property. That’s why the right interior design, colours, and even furniture are so essential, as they make a big difference to your home’s overall look. If you have a small space, then it’s not necessary to just go for a minimalistic look, or only opt for neutral tones. Here are some ways that your small space can make a big impact, whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply improve it.

Choose the right colours

Light colours can help a room look bigger, but you don’t have to stick to boring beige. Contemporary tones such as light grey are very stylish, and you could mix different shades for an interesting look. It’s not just the walls’ colour that you need to think about. The colour of your furniture is also important. Look for apartment furniture in Perth in lighter tones, maybe choosing a bit of texture for a luxe style. If you want to add some bright tones, use it sparingly in cushions and accessories.

Add a mirror to your room

A mirror tricks the eye into thinking a room is bigger. When combined with lightly coloured walls, this can instantly make a room feel larger, and brings more light into the room. If you have property styling in Perth, many stylists will add mirrors to living rooms and bedrooms, as it’s such a simple solution that works for all sorts of rooms.

Look for built-in storage

Homes are getting smaller, which is why many furniture designers now offer built-in storage to save space. Many furniture packages for apartments include clever storage options which allow you to maximise space. This can include:

  • Beds with mattresses that lift to reveal storage
  • Coffee tables with drawers
  • Ottomans that have storage inside
  • Storage benches that double as extra seating

Basically, any piece of furniture that has space underneath has the potential to be turned into storage, which gives you a lot more floor space to work with.

Two-in-one solutions

If you are living in a studio or open plan space, the furniture with multiple functions is a real space saver. For example, a sofa that folds out into a bed, or coffee tables with adjustable height legs to turn it into a dining room. If you’re unsure what will work, look for staging furniture in Perth and try out some pieces for a while. You can then feel good about investing in higher quality items, knowing that they work with the space and are practical.

Find compact seating

Living rooms can often be taken up by huge sofas, which can make even the biggest room look small by comparison. Think about how many people live in the house, and how many seats you regularly use. For example, if there’s two of you, opt for a cosy 2-seater sofa, and then look at options such as benches or ottomans for visitor seating. Not sure what will work? Look for furniture fitouts in Perth to try some different configurations.

Some of the biggest space wasters in living rooms can be corner sofas and big reclining chairs. While they are certainly comfortable, they’re made for larger spaces, so it’s worth reconsidering how much you like them.

Choose a smaller bed

The recent philosophy for beds seems to be the bigger, the better, but do you really need a super king size bed? Sizing down to a double means an extra 26” of space in your bedroom, and the rest of the room will look bigger by comparison. If you are worried about comfort, try before you buy with furniture hire in Perth. You can also compensate for a smaller space by buying a really good quality bed, and buying a memory foam mattress so you toss and turn less.

If you really can’t bear to lose your super king-sized bed, then choose one with storage space or drawers underneath. That way, all the clutter from your room is stored away, making the room feel bigger.

Draw the eye upwards

If you can fool the eye into looking upwards, your ceilings will seem higher, instantly making the space look bigger. Building vertical shelves that are tall and thin will add space, or hanging shelves close to the ceiling, and it’s also a great way to store away some of your living room clutter. If you look at interior design packages in Perth, choose furniture with a taller profile, as this will give the illusion of more space in the room.

Pull furniture away from the wall

A common mistake in small homes is to push all the furniture to the corners of the room. However, this can often have the opposite of the intended effect, making the room feel like its not put together. Leave a gap between the furniture and the wall to give the illusion of space, and ensure you don’t have large blank spaces in the middle of the room. Adding a rug or coffee table is often all that’s needed to bring the space together.

Keep accessories small

If you’re finishing the room with accessories such as vases and candle holders, follow the cantaloupe rule. This means never using accessories bigger than a melon. They can take over the room and soon make it feel smaller. A small jar of flowers, for example, is much better than a big bouquet, which is distracting to the eye and makes the room feel smaller by comparison.

Even a small room can have a big impact with the right design. From the right colours and furniture, to subtle finishing touches, there are many ways to maximise your use of space. The key is to keep things decluttered, but not too sterile, and ensure that you have enough storage space to keep anything that’s not beautiful out of sight.

6 Reasons Why Furniture Staging is Beneficial

A recent report has shown that furniture staging will help you sell your home 73% faster, on average. This means that as a seller it is well worthwhile making a small investment towards the presentation of the property you are trying to sell because ultimately it will bring in a massive return on that outlay.

We are experts at home styling in Perth and have assisted many satisfied customers. We help make the most of the spaces in the homes for sale to make them more appealing to potential buyers who are viewing the properties. The real estate industry will tell you that they estimate most buyers make their initial decision within 3-6 seconds of viewing the property, therefore first impressions are crucial.

At Furniture Fitouts, we can provide furniture staging to help the sale of your property, and here are our main reasons why it’s important to stage your home when putting it up for sale:

  1. Make More Money

Not only will your home sell quicker as a result of staging, but it is likely that the property will sell for higher, too. It is estimated that around 50% of all staged homes will end up selling at 10% more than surrounding unstaged homes for sale in the area. If you want to sell your property for as close to the asking price as possible, then it makes sense to use a service like ours for home staging in Perth.

  1. See a Big Return

Think about it: if you were to sell your car, would you want it to be inspected without taking it to the car wash first? Or would you invest a tiny amount of time and money to give it a wash and a wax so that your car looks its best to potential buyers? A neat-looking car will appeal more to buyers, so it makes sense to get it looking its best before you present it for sale. The same principle applies to home staging. Just spend a little bit of money, and it will go a long way.

If you spend around 1% of the value of your home, this is likely to bring in a 1000% return on investment. For example, if your home is worth $400,000, then spending $4,000 dollars just to stage it may seem like an inefficient use of money. However, that’s until you consider that you are likely to earn $40,000 extra in the final price of your home as a return on the investment.

  1. Make it Easier and Quicker

Furniture staging will really help potential buyers visualise how they could make use of the spaces around your home. This also includes any outdoor space, which should not be neglected. A vacant home or one that is too cluttered with used furniture will not present itself as easily in the imagination of prospective buyers, so it is really useful to give them a helping hand and use one of our interior design packages for your Perth home sale.

Most buyers will make their decision based on emotion, and seeing how they could fit into living in the property will help them make their decision to buy quicker. As we stated above, this figure is around 73% faster sale rate, on average.

  1. Keep a Better Record

Furniture staging is useful for home viewings, but also for the photos it will help create. Before even coming to your home, most people will look at a selection of photos on offer prior to making the decision whether to visit. So, it makes sense to have your home staging organised before the realtors take photographs of your property.

Having appealing photos may even lure in otherwise uninterested buyers since many people will look through photos of properties on websites before even talking to the real estate agents. If they see a home that appeals to them, then it may prompt them to come around and take a look. Visually appealing photos of a staged home may give your sale the edge.

  1. View Your Home with a Fresh Pair of Eyes

The process of replacing the furniture in your home with something less used and less personalised will help you, as a seller, to see the property more objectively. For this reason, we thoroughly recommend using our expert services for home styling in Perth, because it will make it easier to detach yourself from your home and sell it neutrally.

Once you have brought in professional stagers to fit out your home, you’ll be able to see your property objectively. Now, you’ll see it as newcomers would see it, and then you’ll have a better idea of how to sell it.

  1. Overlook the Glaring Flaws

After living in a property for a while, most homes will gather some defects. Most of these flaws we tend to forget about and learn to accept until someone new comes along and points them out to us. The negative points about your home are likely to be the first things a potential buyer will pick up on. That’s only natural, if a person is looking for value, and considering how they’ll be able to live at the property for a long time.

By using the expert services of our home stylists in Perth, you’ll be able to make the best presentation of your home, meaning that the negative points will get overlooked. If you work with us, we’ll ensure that all the best features of your home are highlighted, whilst some of the negative points are taken out of the spotlight.

Make the Investment

These are just six of the best reasons to use our service to stage your home. If you’ve already made the commitment to sell, then we hope you would agree with us when we say that it makes sense to go a tiny bit further and ensure that your home is fully presentable to get the highest price possible, in the quickest time possible. You can contact us through our website for a quote on our furniture staging design, or give us a call directly on (08) 9256 4242.

How Renters Can Take Ownership of Their Space

Without a doubt, the landlord has the most flexibility regarding the interior décor of your home, but that doesn’t mean you have no freedom whatsoever. With a few smart purchases, you can personalise your space to match your preferences in style, but it’s wise to keep versatility, space efficiency, and storage in mind.

However, some interior designers with experience in sprucing up rentals on behalf of tenants rather than landlords would argue that cost isn’t a detrimental factor unless you’re shopping on a budget. After all, provided you purchase stand-alone furnishings, they’re yours for the taking when you vacate the premises.

If you’re looking for expert interior designers to make the most of your rental home, you can call our professionals at Furniture Fitouts. We can source, purchase, deliver, and install high-quality furnishings on your behalf, and we can often complete the entire process in less than three days if time is of the essence.

Below, we detail some tip tops from experienced interior designers to help you learn how to make a rental property your own.

Freestanding, Versatile Furniture

According to Scott Weston, a Sydney-based architect, being a tenant in a rental home is no reason to stick to cheap furnishings. He also says it’s best to stick to furniture that’s easy to rearrange and can accommodate a smaller room should you choose to downsize when you vacate the property.

Weston says: “Whether owning or renting, my philosophy is to buy good-quality furniture pieces that become part of your life. If they’re loose or free-standing, you can take them with you when you move.”

Leo Terrando, an award-winning architect, agrees that versatility must be a key consideration. Speaking of multifunctional furnishings, Terrando says: “An open-shelving unit is usually a safe buy because it can be used for storage, displaying accessories and screening. The way we place accessories on it can create a new look, too.”

Intelligent Investments

Interior designer, James Dawson, thinks that focusing on the focal points of a room is the best way to allow for flexibility when revamping a home in the future, be it your current rental property or not.

Dawson says: “Always invest in a good bedhead, sofa and rug. That way you can mix it up with new side tables, accessories and art from home to home to keep things interesting. Have some fun and don’t be governed by rules.”

Weston concurs with Dawson’s advice, as he explains: “A bed is top of the list – and buy a commercial-grade or memory foam mattress as they’re vacuum-packed, so easy to install. A sofa comes close behind, then comfortable side chairs.”

Finishing Touches

As a renter, you may be limited regarding how much you can change permanent fixtures, but there are clever ways to mask the things you don’t like and make small changes that will have a significant effect.

Alexandra Gordon, the editor at Vogue Living, explains: “If you have ugly lighting, pepper the home with beautiful floor and table lamps and try to avoid using the ceiling lights.”

“A cheap and easy way to update a tired kitchen or bathroom is changing over the cabinet pulls, as long as you keep the originals somewhere safe for the landlord.”

We Can Help

At Furniture Fitouts, we know how to find high-quality, versatile furnishings that will make your rental home perfect for you, and we can complete the installation promptly at a time that suits you. Contact us today to speak to interior designers you can trust.

Top Perth Suburbs to Find Tenants for Your Investment Property Quickly

Perth’s housing market has finally started recovering following a three-year downturn, which is the sixth such downturn in the last three decades. Thanks to demand catching up with supply, a strengthened labour market, and affordable housing, property prices are expected to rise within the next 12 months, and some suburbs are already showing steadily rising values.

If you’re an investor, now’s the time to start looking at buying properties before house values top out, meaning you need to know which suburbs have the best potential for growth.

If you’re interested in buying an investment home and need help sprucing the place up, Furniture Fitouts is here to help. Our highly trained and experienced interior designers can prime your property for the market, but first, you need to know which areas of Perth are likely to yield the maximum return on investment.

  1. Harrisdale

On average, it takes investors just 39 days to find a tenant for their investment home in Harrisdale, making it the 5th best place to invest in a rental property. Harrisdale lies within the City of Armadale to the southeast of Perth, and thanks to having plenty of amenities, schools, shopping outlets, and parkland, it’s popular with families. The median rent price for a property here is $380 weekly.

  1. Swanbourne

Located 10km west of Perth along the coast with an abundance of schools, the Claremont Shopping Centre and a train line, Swanbourne is another favourite with families. It takes an average of 38 days to fill a Swanbourne rental property with a tenant, and the median rental price is $650 per week.

  1. Trigg

Similar to Swanbourne, it takes investors about 38 days to find a tenant to occupy their rental property, though the average weekly rental price is $450. However, because of this high affordability, Trigg is popular with people looking to reside close to the Indian Ocean.

  1. Banjup

The average weekly rental price in Banjup is $420 per week, which is $30 less than it was in June 2016. High affordability coupled with a convenient location next to Cockburn’s thriving central hub allows landlords to find a tenant for their house in just 35 days on average.

  1. Gwelup

Located 12km northwest of the Perth CBD, Gwelup attracts residents thanks to being close to the coast and the Karrinyup Shopping Centre, and it only takes an average of 34 days for investors to find tenants to occupy their properties. Plus, the weekly rental price has risen by $10 to $595 since June 2016, making it the only suburb on our list to have seen an increase in rental costs.

Want to Find Tenants Even Faster?

The best way to entice tenants is to prime your property for the market, making rejuvenating its interior décor essential. Fortunately, if you don’t have enough time to revamp your home, we can do the hard work for you.

At Furniture Fitouts, we source high-quality furnishings to kit out your house completely, and if you’re in a rush, we’ll do our best to finish the installation in three days. Call us today to find out how our professional interior designers can help you find tenants quickly.

How to Style Your Display Home Furniture to Attract Your Target Buyer

Selling a home has never been easy, but it’s arguably even more challenging to sell a property that’s not finished. However, as a housing developer, you undoubtedly want to secure as many pre-sales as you can before your development has been completed to protect your profits, meaning you need a stylish and inviting display home to give buyers a taste of what’s to come.

However, given that your housing development is still under construction, you might not have enough free time on your busy schedule to design a display home’s interior décor. Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of the hard work if you leave the task with experienced interior designers that provide rental display home furniture in Perth.

At Furniture Fitouts, our professionals can source and install all the furnishings you need to show your display home in its best light, and even though we track down items from various manufacturers in Australia and the world, we can usually finish the job within a space of a few weeks. If you need short term furniture hire in Perth, you needn’t look further than us.

However, if you have a creative flair and would like to style your own display home without our help, you’ll need to remember the tips that we’ve detailed below.

Prime Your Display Home Furniture for Property Hunters

Without an attractive and stylish display home, buyers won’t be able to picture themselves living in a property that has yet to be completed. We’d always recommend utilising our experienced interior designers to fit out your home, but if you’d prefer to do the task alone, you’ll benefit from remembering these tips.

  • Don’t Forget about Kerb Appeal

Most home hunters will start forming an opinion on your home before they’ve even stepped foot inside, meaning you need to do what you can to ensure they’re impressed from the second they pull onto the street. Nobody wants to imagine themselves living in a home that has loose debris on the driveway and nothing but tools and equipment in the front yard. However, they likely can picture themselves residing in a home that boasts colourful flowers and a beautifully decorated façade.

If you need any help boosting your display home’s kerb appeal, we can help. At Furniture Fitouts, we have an extensive selection of outdoor furnishings for home staging in Perth, and you can rent them on a short-term basis if you only need them for a few weeks. Contact one of our friendly professionals for more information or to obtain a quote.

  • Try Not to Personalise Your Display Home

Because it’s crucial to help people imagine themselves living in something that resembles your display home, you ought to avoid decorating the place with personal possessions, such as trophies from your childhood or photos of your wedding event. The people viewing your display home are looking to invest heavily in a property, which means they need to focus on their own needs rather than your past achievements. Make sure personal items don’t clutter the place up, and you can feel confident that your display home will appeal to your target buyer.

  • Make Sure the Property is Spotless

It may sound obvious, but it’s vital to ensure your display home sparkles if you want it to secure sales. People want to know that your development is being constructed to the highest standards, meaning they’ll inspect every nook and cranny for signs of low quality. If you have a build-up of dust in the cupboards or stains under the tables, property hunters may assume you haven’t taken due care to ensure quality in your new development. It’s a good idea to clean your display home every day to ensure it remains in top condition.

  • Set the Tone with Natural Light and Bright Colours

If you want people to keep a positive outlook when viewing your display home, you need to do whatever you can to ensure they are in a good mood as they inspect the place. Natural sunlight helps us feel happy, awake and receptive, so always keep the curtains and blinds wide open when showing people around the property. In addition to natural light, it’s smart to paint the walls in a light, neutral colour. Avoid using bright or dark colours that will put off a significant portion of your potential buyers.

  • Make Sure There Are No Signs of Damage

You never know whether a contractor might’ve accidentally scuffed or scratched a surface while working inside your display home, and if they have, you can feel confident that viewers will notice. Even a chipped mug or damaged lighting fixtures could deter someone from placing an offer on a home that’s yet to be built, so check your display home with a fine toothed comb to ensure nothing will set a bad impression.

  • Buy the Right Furniture

Last but not least, you need to obtain the most suitable furnishings for home staging in Perth, and you need to keep your target buyer in mind when searching for items. If you’re targeting families, consider installing some kid’s playground toys in the backyard. Alternatively, if you’re targeting bachelors, you might consider putting a home cinema system in the living room. Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase such furnishings outright for a display home if you contact our professionals for display home furniture in Perth.

Contact Furniture Fitouts to Discuss the Style of Your Display Home Furniture

At Furniture Fitouts, we know exactly what it takes to make a display home as appealing as possible to your target buyer, and we’re happy to visit your location to inspect the area and tailor a bespoke furniture rental package to your particular requirements.

We’re the go-to company for home styling in Perth thanks to our years of experience, passionate employees and eye for design, and as part of our service, we locate, install and retrieve all the furnishings you need so that you barely have to lift a finger to fit out your display home. Contact us today on 08 9256 4242 to book a consultation with the interior design and furniture rental experts.

Perth’s Property Market Re-Emerges from the Ashes

Perth’s real estate market has bottomed out and is now entering the recovery stage of the housing market cycle, according to a recent report published by Perth-based property investment advisor, Momentum Wealth.

The market’s recovery has been attributed to high affordability, the tightening of housing supply, and a growing labour market that’s becoming increasingly stable.

Momentum Wealth’s report, entitled ‘Residential Property Spotlight: Perth’, analysed the fundamental supply and demand indicators that affect property prices in Perth. It states that the housing market is re-emerging from its sixth downturn in three decades. The latest recovery follows a period where supply outweighed demand in the face of a construction boom and a slower growing population.

At Furniture Fitouts, we help investors transform homes into prime real estates by sourcing high-quality furnishings from local providers and carrying out the installation in as little as three days. If you want to profit from investing in the property market, now is an ideal time, and our team of expert interior designers can help you maximise your return on investment.

What’s Responsible for the Real Estate Market Recovery?

In 2015, the housing construction industry hit a record high thanks to government incentives for first-time buyers. Such initiatives encouraged buyers to build homes instead of purchase existing properties, which, coupled with a slower growing population, resulted in supply outweighing demand.

Fortunately, according to the managing director of Momentum Wealth, Damian Collins, the market is beginning to rebalance, which will help buoy house values as we progress into the future.

Mr Collins said: “On the supply side, the report shows that the number of properties for sale has hit a two-year low, meanwhile the amount of new properties being built has returned to average levels after dwelling starts hit a record high in 2015. After three years of an imbalance, this tightening of housing stock will allow demand to catch up to supply and subsequently will help underpin property price growth going forward.”

Adding to the confidence that demand is catching up to supply, Perth’s population is starting to grow again, thanks partly to a strengthened labour market. For the first time in 12 months, Perth’s unemployment rate has dropped to be in line with the national average.

Mr Collins continued: “The research report explains that although Perth’s population growth has slowed following the end of the resources construction boom, it’s expected to rebound as the city’s labour market continues to strengthen.”

“Add to this the city’s encouraging housing affordability, which is the second-best in the nation only behind Hobart, and the report explains that more buyers will increasingly return to the market as job stability firms and the economy continues to gain momentum.”

Ensure Your Property Entices Your Target Buyer

Due to the apparent recovery of Perth’s real estate market, now might be the time to purchase an investment home, and if you need to ensure its interior appeals to your target buyer, we’re the company to call.

At Furniture Fitouts, our professionals can locate, purchase, deliver, and install all the furnishings you need to maximise your property’s value. Plus, if time is of the essence, we endeavour to have the whole process finished within three days. Contact us today to find out how we can help you maximise your return on investment.

Northern Suburbs Leading the Way in Perth’s Real Estate Market Recovery

New apartments being built on the corner of Labouchere Rd and Mill Point Rd, South Perth.

Recent reports suggest that Perth’s real estate market is bouncing back from its sixth downturn in 30 years, with house values being at their highest since 2005. Danger markets are disappearing, demand is catching up with supply, and the northern suburbs are currently leading the way.

Six months ago, Perth had virtually no growth areas, but 12 northern districts are seeing property prices rise steadily. Suburbs leading the way in the re-emergence of Perth’s real estate market include Carramar, Alkimos, Yanchep, Clarkson, Duncraig, Joondalup, Heathridge, Ocean Reef, Sorrento, Kingsley, and Innaloo Carine.

Is now the time to invest in property before house prices rise significantly? And, how can you yield the maximum return on your investment?

At Furniture Fitouts, we believe that there’s money to be made in property investing regardless of the state of the real estate market, but we’re excited about the prospect of Perth’s housing sector recovering. If you want to invest in a house but have too little time to rejuvenate its interior, we can source all the furnishings you need and complete the installation is as little as three days.

Why Is Perth’s Property Market Experiencing Growth?

Savvy investors know that the housing industry goes through a cycle, with bottoming out being the stage where supply outweighs demand and the upturn being the stage where property prices begin to rise once again.

It is believed that Perth is now entering the upturn stage, with 12 suburbs showing steady growth compared to just four suburbs three months ago. However, Lino Iacomella, executive director at Property Council WA, says continued growth depends on economic improvements and population growth.

Nevertheless, Mr Iacomella has confidence on the imminent future of Perth’s real estate market. Commenting on the increased sales activity in Perth’s northern suburbs, Mr Iacomella said: “It’s a typical forerunner to an improvement in the property market.”

“There’s a lot of expectation that within the next 12 months there’s likely to be a noticeable improvement.”

Who Should Investors Target?

According to buying patterns since the upturn, the northern suburbs are attracting families that have been renting properties until an ideal purchasing opportunity came along.

Lucy and Paul Barnes decided to buy a four bedroomed house in Kingsley after renting for four and a half years.

Mr Barnes said. “We’d been looking for the past few years on and off and decided now was a good time to buy.”

“It’s been handy in the current climate with lower interest rates and lower house prices.”

James Kennedy, a selling agent for Peard Real Estate Hillarys, reckons the Barnes family represents a typical buyer in Kingsley and other suburbs in the area.

Maximise Your Investment

Making a significant profit on a property investment means buying homes when prices are low and selling them at their highest, before the next downturn, making now an ideal time to snap houses up before the market tops out. However, to yield the biggest return on your investment, you need to stylise the property to entice your target buyer.

At Furniture Fitouts, our expert interior designers can prime your house for the market in as little as three days, and we’ll source, deliver, and install all your furnishings so that you can concentrate on marketing your house. Contact us today to learn more about our Perth home transformations.


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