Furniture Hire for International Moves

Make your international move super-simple with professional furniture hire in Perth.

When making a big move – especially an international transition – things can quickly become stressful. There is so much that goes into moving to a new house, and it can all get pretty overwhelming. To help alleviate at least a bit of this stress, one sensible option is to use a furniture hire service.

Hiring furniture might sound like a strange concept, but we promise it is anything but that. In Perth, most available rental properties come unfurnished. This usually means that in addition to having no beds or sofas, there are also no washing machines or fridges.

For a smart solution, you can get short-term furniture hire with rentals to meet your needs until your personal things arrive at your new home. Renting furniture is a less expensive option than purchasing everything new or shipping all your furniture internationally. It’s also much more affordable than staying in a furnished apartment or hotel room until your gear arrives from your old home.

When you are looking into relocation furniture hire in Perth, look no further than Furniture Fitouts. With us, you can find full packages of domestic furniture to get you through. These comprehensive packages of furniture offered by us can be completely tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

Furniture Hire Instead of Furniture Heaps

We know from bitter experience that moving to a new house can be a real headache. We also understand the massive headache induced by international moves.

If you are someone who has to relocate quite often, then you might not even want to bother with moving your belongings internationally, especially if you know you will be moving on again within a short period. If you’ve decided you don’t want furniture heaps arriving on your doorstep, opting for furniture hire is the best choice.

Renting furniture through a fitout service is a great way to feel like you’re living at home without experiencing the headache of moving. You can arrive at your new address, and a fully furnished home or apartment will be waiting for you without having to lift a finger. This reduces much of the stress associated with moving and gives you the ability to get involved in your new community much more rapidly.

Instead of waiting on furniture deliveries, use a furniture hire service to get your home furnished the right way and on budget.

Furniture Hire for When You Arrive

Usually, when you arrive in your new home, you spend weeks sleeping in empty rooms and sitting on the floor while you eat and stare at the walls until your furniture comes from your previous address. When getting short-term furniture hire, you can sleep comfortably in a bed, relax on the couch watching your favourite TV show and enjoy dinner at the kitchen table.

When you arrive at your new address, everything will be set up for you already. You simply choose which furniture you want to be included in your furniture hire, and it will be delivered, unpacked and set up for you when you arrive.

Instead of wasting time going through boxes and putting things together, you can get plugged straight into your new home and start making a life here in Perth without the worry of getting unpacked. When hiring furniture, you’re all set!

Some of our available options include the following:

Kitchen Fitouts: Most homes and apartments will not have appliances like fridges and other small machines. You can also expect a complete absence of cutlery, dishware, glasses, utensils, and cookware. With our kitchen fitout package, you’ll get all these items in addition to a kitchen table and chairs.

Dining Room Fitouts: Should you wish to furnish a dining area in addition to your kitchen, we can provide you with all the seating and tables necessary for this room, too.

Office Fitouts: When working or studying from home, you need a chair and a desk to use. We can provide these pieces of furniture for you as well.

Living Room Fitouts: Everything you might need for your living room can be acquired in your furniture rental package. You can get TV stands, sofas, tables, chairs and anything else you deem necessary.

Bedroom Fitouts: Casual chairs, dressing tables, beds, tables for the bedside wardrobes and other items can be included in your fitout for your bedroom.

Other Fitouts: In addition to all the above-listed items, you can also get bed linen, towels, irons, vacuum cleaners, kettles and washers. From lighting and ornaments through to soft furnishings and artwork, furniture hire completely spoils you and provides endless choices.

You can get all these crucial items delivered so you can get moved into your new home and start living there with minimal messing around.

Once you arrive in your new home, you’ll have bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dining rooms and kitchens set up according to the choices you make when you order your furniture hire package.

Hiring furniture saves you time and effort during the moving process. No one wants to spend days or weeks unpacking furniture and trying to determine where to put it either.

When using a furniture hire service, you don’t need to concern yourself with any of that. The company will bring the furniture to your home, often before you even arrive there yourself. The company’s employees will carefully unpack the furniture and other items, assemble them and install them for you, so you’re ready to roll.

Once your rental period is up and your furniture has arrived, or if it’s simply time to move again, contact the company that rented the furniture to you. They will come to retrieve the furniture they gave you for short-term furniture hire, and your home or apartment will be ready for you to leave or for you to fill with your personal belongings.

Furniture Hire Now, Buy When You Arrive

Another great benefit to using a furniture hire company is that you can start with a clean slate when you move. You can leave behind your old furniture, choosing to sell it or donate it when you leave your previous home and start fresh in your new home.

Hiring furniture for a short period once you arrive in Perth gives you the ability to get settled in without worrying about unpacking. It also provides you with a fully furnished home for far less money than you would spend if you tried to furnish it all at once on your own.

Instead, you can spend some time with a home full of rental furniture while you take your time to shop after the tedium of moving is put to bed.

You won’t have to spend a ton of cash shipping your furniture internationally from your previous address, and you won’t have to swipe a bunch of credit cards working on furnishing your home from the get-go.

Furniture Hire For Your International Move Now!

There are many reasons to consider going with short-term furniture hire in Perth. Not only will renting furniture help you to come home to a fully furnished apartment when you unlock the door for the first time, but it will give you some stress relief knowing that you don’t have to worry about all those logistics.

If you’re moving internationally and are interested in renting furniture for your home or apartment, give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to assist you!