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Home Staging and Styling

So you have decided to sell your home or apartment? All owners want to have the sale process over as quickly with the best profit outcome as possible.

Home styling or staging are great tools to potentially unlock the maximum amount of profit from a property sale. When a property is well staged the furniture creates an amazing chance to wow a potential purchaser.

Prospective owners can then visualise what their lives may be like in your property which then creates the opportunity of a quick sale with a potential higher sale price. Astute property owners use staging as a tool to unlock higher returns – no matter the sale price of the property. We can accommodate all budgets and are very flexible with our clients requirements. We can also stage properties for developers and any real estate agents working on behalf of their owners wishing to stage for enhanced sales.

For homeowners, we are able to provide full or partial staging furniture options. If you are still living in the property while it is being sold, we can work around the items you already have in place. One of our designers can meet you at the property to discuss which items to keep, which items to store, and which items we can supply for home styling and staging purposes.

If the house is already empty, we can supply items to fill up every room. Sometimes to keep costs down, we can fitout only the main living areas and master bedroom. Staging quotes are fully customisable to suit the client’s individual needs. Many homeowners are attached to their home, and unable to see past the emotional connection they have to the space. Our designers will come in with a fresh pair of eyes and be honest with you about how to best present your home.

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One benefit of professional staging of your property is that it can help potential buyers to imagine their own lives in the house. Home staging can also help people who might find it difficult to figure out how to lay out an empty room or to ignore oddly arranged furniture in a badly designed furniture arrangement. People are often unable to look past what’s in front of them, to fully appreciate a room’s potential.

Why is presentation so very important? The presentation on the home open days is the best time to showcase the features of the property. But just as vital in an increasingly digital world is the photography of the property and presentation on the Internet. It creates interest, attracts clients to the home open day and can inspire a property sale from any location in the world. An amazing photo portfolio makes your property stand out against the other competition in your area so it needs to make an instant impression.

Most homes have a standout feature like a great view or architectural details, but if they are hidden behind the owner’s clutter and poor home styling, or not showcased, they may be overlooked by potential buyers. The architectural style and age of the property will play a role in the look of the staging but we will also consider market trends and the demographics of buyers being targeted by the selling agent.

We aim to provide a fast and efficient, stress-free service to make your property sale experience an enjoyable memory in your life.

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