6 Misconceptions About Staging a Home That’s Going on the Market

Perhaps you have heard about home staging, or even seen a television show in which someone stages homes for sale for a living. The purpose of staging a house going on the market is to make it as appealing to potential buyers as possible in order to secure the best offer. However, much of the “common knowledge” of home staging is not the whole story. There are some public misconceptions about the act of staging a house going on the market, and hopefully this will clear it up a bit.


#1 – Staging Is Too Expensive

While, of course, staging a home comes with a price tag, many companies offer surprisingly affordable home staging packages and options, and many are willing to work within a certain budget to help satisfy your desires. At Furniture Fitouts, for instance, we are more than willing to work with clients both local and overseas, and will do our best to find the right package at the right price point for you. Finding the right company and the right price to assist with your home staging can be much easier than you think.


#2 – Self-Staging Is Better

Though perhaps this might be easy to believe, self-staging might not be the best choice. You may think you will save money or that you know the home going up for sale best, but proper home staging requires an objective eye. People grow attached to their homes, and even when voluntarily leaving them, they may find it difficult to see the home without the sentimental attachments that you have to the house. Hiring an outside company or home stager will allow for proper assessment and staging of your home for sale.


#3 – Staging Is Unnecessary

In the literal sense, this is true. Homes that are not staged do eventually sell, of course, but the fact of the matter is that home staging helps the house sell much more quickly and for a better price. Staging your for-sale home will make it far more appealing to buyers and will most likely result in better and multiple offers. Staging your home will help you receive the best purchasing price for your house, so despite the “unnecessary” aspect of staging, it is beneficial beyond your wildest dreams.


#4 – Staging Is the Same as Decluttering

Though tidying up and organizing may be part of some home staging processes, staging in and of itself is not simply decluttering. Home staging involves a lot more properties, such as adding décor and enhancing the natural positive aspects of a space. Removing clutter will also enhance the beauty of a space, as well, but home staging adds a lot more. Staging a space takes an empty house and takes it to the next level to appeal to buyers. A decluttered space will not have the same effect.


#5 – Staging Is Only for Vacant Homes

Staging can be done in both occupied and vacant homes. Once your home is on the market, a home staging company can stage your home for sale whether you are still in it or not. Though vacant homes may be “easier” to stage, occupied homes can also easily be set up to appeal to the buyers who come to view your home. It may also seem odd to allow a home stager to rearrange and stage your home while you are still in it, but remember that they are only trying to help you appeal to buyers. Whether the house is vacant or you are still occupying it, you must trust the judgment of you home staging company.


#6 – Staging Is Lying

Many people claim staging is lying to buyers or presenting a false image, but this is just a misunderstanding of the idea of home staging. Staging your house does, in some ways, cover up potential “problems” that may exist in your home currently, but the real idea behind home staging is to enhance the room without detracting from it. In this way, staging differs from interior design. Though staging is intended to make the home more appealing to buyers, it is not false as it is simply a way of making the existing room more likeable to buyers without distracting from the room as it is.


Home staging is an invaluable tool for home sellers, and it should not be done alone. If you are planning to sell your home, consider a home staging company to help make your house the best on the market! Our consultants at Furniture Fitouts can help you get the right style to make your home appealing to any buyer!