The Pantone Colour System Could Eliminate Stress in Your Home

The fact that colour can affect mood is nothing new. So-called colour psychology is a field unto itself, and interior designers have long known that the colour palette used in a home or office will have an effect on how the people who live or work inside feel. With that in mind, the team of interior designers at Furniture Fitouts work hard to develop design motifs that make our clients feel comfortable and at ease. It’s simply part of what we do.

And to take it a step further, we’re particularly enthusiastic about the Pantone colour system. The Pantone system has defined more than 1,100 unique colours. These are precise colours that always come out exactly the same way. In other words, if you’ve seen a genuine paint swatch of a Pantone colour, then you know exactly what that colour is going to look like in your living space. There’s no variability or guesswork involved.

In this post, we’re going to look at two specific Pantone colours:

We’ll offer insight into how you can use these colours to transform your interior into a blissful, stress-free zone.

  1. A Bedroom Worth Sleeping In
    Rose Quartz and Serenity are best used in the bedroom because they create a truly relaxed and laid-back environment. And there’s actually no need to completely redesign your bedroom in order to take advantage of these effects. Instead, consider setting up a statement art piece in either of these colours or consider purchasing bedding, cushions or other soft touches that broadcast this calming effect.
  2. Kitchens without Chaos
    We think that the calming, light-blue aura is specifically well-suited to kitchens. This is a hectic space, and it’s easy to resign yourself to feeling stress in the kitchen. But a bit of careful colour infusion could change the entire dynamic. If your kitchen has a stainless steel or marble accents (as so many do), then consider purchasing Serenity-coloured wares. This colour looks beautiful in this space, and it will also take some of the stress out of working in the kitchen.
  3. A Bathroom Oasis
    Serenity and Rose Quartz can make for a stunning addition to the bathroom. In this case, all you need is a few soft touches, such as a set of bath towels or a rug to complement frameles shower screens. You’ll be surprised by what a difference these colours can make in the bathroom.
  4. The Right Colour Combination
    It’s worth noting that Serenity and Rose Quartz don’t look great in every context. If you are going to be using these colours to de-stress your home, then it’s worth toning down the base colours. Avoid earthy colours, such as ochre oranges or rusty reds – as these will clash with the colours in question. Instead, err on the neutral side of grey and white, layering in your Pantone colours for a gentle, calming environment.

Are you ready to transform your home or office interior?

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