How To Make Your Home Ready For Spring & Summer

Spring and summer will be here before you know it. Wondering how to get your home all set for the fast-approaching warm weather? The good news is, you have a bundle of neat ways to brighten up your property so you and your family can enjoy these happy seasons to the full.

Spring and summer can also be the best times to sell your home, and by making your home full of the warm and happy spirit of the season, you’re likely to attract buyers galore, especially if you make use of the proper furniture hire.

So how do you go about creating that wonderful spring and summer style?

Your choices are many. The simplest way is to add in some fresh and breezy colours to brighten up your home. You can do this quickly by changing curtains, cushion covers and rugs in the living room, and coverlets, throw cushions and shams in the bedroom. To go the whole hog, you can invest in new furniture made from tropical rattan, bright silks and other evocative materials. Choosing and matching the right colours is vitally important, with cool verdant greens and sunny yellows being the most popular hues for these seasons.

Bear in mind, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, there’s no need to invest in new furniture to suit the seasons. Perth’s leading furniture hire firm can supply you with the right furniture and fittings to conjure that spring and summer mood.

As a time of renewal and change, spring is also a popular time for people to sell their homes. Just be sure that you home looks its best in the bright light and is also in good shape after the winter.

Air your premises thoroughly after the cool weather, check for mould, fertilise your gardens and lawns, get to work with a pressure cleaner on your drives, paths, terraces and decks, and most importantly, imbue your home with the mood of spring and summer. Then follow this guide to work on the style of your home by changing to the latest trending colours, designs and motifs.

Here’s your guide to some insider design tips to get your home looking fresh and sunny fast.

Use Ice Cream Colours
While pastels are traditionally associated with spring, the latest trend is to take things a tad further by favouring ice cream colours. This doesn’t mean plain old vanilla and strawberry, though those old favourites have their place. This year’s range of gelato colours includes a whole palette from a classic ice cream parlour including baby blues, sherbet yellows, bubblegum or peachy pinks, minty greens and much more.

However, these cute hues are restrained by patterns. No more bunny rabbit motifs or flowers, but instead a return to almost art deco geometrics. To summon up the spring and summer aesthetic, you can invest in cushion covers, paintings, screens, shades, curtains, rugs and other items featuring these patterns. You can also repaint your surfaces in subtle tones derived from the ice cream parlour. You can accessorise with gelato coloured vases, tableware, and tor a total makeover, you can invest in whole new items of furniture.

These shades are ideal for the walls in every room in the house and can be effectively combined with accents and pops of colour to add interest and variety. Another approach is to match ice cream-toned walls with dark rugs or teak floors for contrast.

Your kitchen is especially suited for ice-cream shades and you can also get some new appliances in matching hues. A vanilla microwave, yellow fridge and pink walls can create a kitchen full of the essence of spring and summer in a house that looks almost good enough to eat.

Geometric patterns are in vogue right now, whether on tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, rugs in the living room or in throw pillows in the bedroom. They’re popular because they add a look that’s both retro and modern and can feature a whole palette of colours, including the ice cream hues mentioned above.

You have a wide choice when it comes to geometric shapes including the ever-popular diamonds, grids, circles, herringbone, stars, honeycombs, hexagons, pentagons, quatrefoils and much more. Incorporating geometrics into your walls can be very dramatic, and they’re especially effective in the form of graphic prints in rugs and other floor coverings.

Geometric patterns are modern enough to look great in any space, whether traditional or hyper-contemporary and anything in between. They’re so visually striking, you can get a great effect from just a few, smallish geometric items such as cushions or even vases. It offers the perfect way to experiment.

Also much in demand this year are waterproof geometric membranes that can be affixed to walls in damp spaces such as kitchen splashback, shower screens and shower stalls. They allow you to savour the moods of spring and summer while cooking or bathing.

Derived from the French word for “shaded,” ombre refers to a colour scheme that graduates from light to dark, in what Martha Stewart suggested resembled a transition from wakefulness to slumber.

Ombre is used in everything from wall colours to bedding to artworks to floor tiling to create interest and variety. Other uses are in lampshades and even furniture design. Using the sweet and sugary tones of ice cream colours, you can use ombre in a variety of settings to add a touch of playfulness to the home.

Colour Pops
After choosing your ice cream colours for the main theme of a room, you can use bold and punchy colour pops to transform any living space by adding variety and surprise to any setting. They also let you impose your own personality on a space by contrasting striking forms and bold colours on subtle backgrounds.

Colour pops can take the form of everything from bright shams on a neutral bedspread to vibrant prints on a bubblegum pink wall. It’s the ideal way to add some spice to and springtime cheer or warm summer colour to any space, but strive to use colour pops that complement rather than clash with your neutral ice cream hues and your furnishings.

Tropical Leaves
A touch of greenery always suggests the warm, blossoming months, so what better way to conjure up the spirit of spring and summer than through the use of tropical motifs such as palm leaves? Prints of exotic plants add a summery sense of freshness to any space and imbue your house with a fresh new feeling that’s just right for the season. You can also find cushion covers featuring tropical leaves, or you can go into complete jungle mode with tropical leaf wallpaper.

This floral design trend works to add abundant energising greens to any space. Plus, their lush motifs match especially well with wooden furniture. Other motifs that fit beautifully include colourful tropical birds such as parrots. Tropical moods in the home can work to both create a relaxing ambience and party moods for summer fun.

Other tips include lighting scented candles or using an aromatherapy infuser to create some lovely spring and summer fragrances. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, filling it with the scent of vanilla or lime is a great idea as it evokes a homely feeling.

Get Set for Spring and Summer
Make spring and summer into a really special time for the whole family by preparing your home in advance. Using these tips will fill your residence with a fresh and colourful mood to ensure you enjoy these happy seasons to the full.

If you’re preparing to sell your property during the spring and summer home-buying season, it’s a smart move to make sure you get the best possible price by using the services of house staging professionals to take care of finding and setting up spring decor elements in your home.

Doing it yourself involves searching for the right items at the best prices, ordering and arranging delivery from various outlets and setting up everything when it arrives. Why not save yourself the stress and frustration by putting everything in the hands of an expert who know exactly what you need and where to get it at optimal terms? If you’re not resident at the dwelling, we can also be on hand for delivery and take charge of the security of your premises. Furniture rent services free you up to take care of other matters at this busy time.

Selling your home is a stressful and complex process. Why not let professionals handle the vital task of making sure your home looks it’s very best? That way you can relax and get on with other things, confident everything is in the hands of experts and you’ll get the best price for your property.

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