Here Are 5 Interior Design Trends to Watch this Year

Early each year, the team at Furniture Fitouts likes to take a moment to reflect on the latest interior design trends. We pause to consider which trends that were catching on last year are now running full steam ahead. We also explore up-and-coming trends that we expect to see stealing the show in the months to come. Doing so gives us a chance to prepare new approaches and furniture pieces to use in home staging.

And now that we’ve taken a proper inventory of the current interior design trends, we thought we’d share five of the most prominent ones here:

1. Interiors Are Getting Greener.
Eco-friendly design may be all the rage these days, but in this case, ‘going green’ has everything to do with colour and nothing to do with your home’s carbon footprint. The colour green is making an enormous comeback in homes and interiors. This strong colour makes for an eye-catching accent, but ‘restraint’ is the operative word. A little green goes a long way when it comes to interior design.

2. Artisan Furniture Is Growing Even More Popular.
Handcrafted furniture was already on the rise in 2016, and this trend promises to grow even stronger in the coming year. There’s something special about an article of furniture that was made by hand rather than mass-produced in a factory. Handmade items take time and skill to create, and each one has its own little quirks and nuances that make it 100 percent original. Needless to say, artisan crafts will give your interior an authentically artistic atmosphere.

3. Rescued and Refurbished Furnishings Are on the Rise.
In some cases, the so-called ‘rescued’ look is just that – a look. In other words, these furnishings and decorations are made new to look like they’ve seen some wear before being reborn into a new interior design. But for the purist, nothing compares to the thrill of finding a discarded article of furniture, stripping it down and making it new. In either event, the rescued look gives interior warmth, texture and a hint of nostalgia for a bygone age.

4. Marble Keeps Getting Bigger.
Back in 2015, designers began pointing to marble as the next big thing in interior design. Sure enough, this ornate stone took the interior design scene by storm in 2016, and it continues to be a favourite pick for designers. Marble shines in minimalist interiors with neutral colour palettes. We’re also seeing more marble pattern prints for upholstery, pillows and other softer interior design fixtures.

5. Expect More Pattern Prints All Around.
Marble print upholstery is one of many pattern prints that you can expect to see more of in 2017. Tribal prints (such as mud cloth patterns) are already gaining popularity. Tropical prints are also seeing an upsurge – in terms of upholstery, decorations and even wallpaper.

Whether you need to schedule a styling consultation or stage your property for a quick sale, the team at Furniture Fitouts can ensure that you’re making use of the latest trends in interior design. Contact us today to learn more.