How the Right Design Makes a Small Space Look Bigger

Most of us wish our homes had more space, and it can be difficult to achieve the look you want in a smaller property. That’s why the right interior design, colours, and even furniture are so essential, as they make a big difference to your home’s overall look. If you have a small space, then it’s not necessary to just go for a minimalistic look, or only opt for neutral tones. Here are some ways that your small space can make a big impact, whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply improve it.

Choose the right colours

Light colours can help a room look bigger, but you don’t have to stick to boring beige. Contemporary tones such as light grey are very stylish, and you could mix different shades for an interesting look. It’s not just the walls’ colour that you need to think about. The colour of your furniture is also important. Look for apartment furniture in Perth in lighter tones, maybe choosing a bit of texture for a luxe style. If you want to add some bright tones, use it sparingly in cushions and accessories.

Add a mirror to your room

A mirror tricks the eye into thinking a room is bigger. When combined with lightly coloured walls, this can instantly make a room feel larger, and brings more light into the room. If you have property styling in Perth, many stylists will add mirrors to living rooms and bedrooms, as it’s such a simple solution that works for all sorts of rooms.

Look for built-in storage

Homes are getting smaller, which is why many furniture designers now offer built-in storage to save space. Many furniture packages for apartments include clever storage options which allow you to maximise space. This can include:

  • Beds with mattresses that lift to reveal storage
  • Coffee tables with drawers
  • Ottomans that have storage inside
  • Storage benches that double as extra seating

Basically, any piece of furniture that has space underneath has the potential to be turned into storage, which gives you a lot more floor space to work with.

Two-in-one solutions

If you are living in a studio or open plan space, the furniture with multiple functions is a real space saver. For example, a sofa that folds out into a bed, or coffee tables with adjustable height legs to turn it into a dining room. If you’re unsure what will work, look for staging furniture in Perth and try out some pieces for a while. You can then feel good about investing in higher quality items, knowing that they work with the space and are practical.

Find compact seating

Living rooms can often be taken up by huge sofas, which can make even the biggest room look small by comparison. Think about how many people live in the house, and how many seats you regularly use. For example, if there’s two of you, opt for a cosy 2-seater sofa, and then look at options such as benches or ottomans for visitor seating. Not sure what will work? Look for furniture fitouts in Perth to try some different configurations.

Some of the biggest space wasters in living rooms can be corner sofas and big reclining chairs. While they are certainly comfortable, they’re made for larger spaces, so it’s worth reconsidering how much you like them.

Choose a smaller bed

The recent philosophy for beds seems to be the bigger, the better, but do you really need a super king size bed? Sizing down to a double means an extra 26” of space in your bedroom, and the rest of the room will look bigger by comparison. If you are worried about comfort, try before you buy with furniture hire in Perth. You can also compensate for a smaller space by buying a really good quality bed, and buying a memory foam mattress so you toss and turn less.

If you really can’t bear to lose your super king-sized bed, then choose one with storage space or drawers underneath. That way, all the clutter from your room is stored away, making the room feel bigger.

Draw the eye upwards

If you can fool the eye into looking upwards, your ceilings will seem higher, instantly making the space look bigger. Building vertical shelves that are tall and thin will add space, or hanging shelves close to the ceiling, and it’s also a great way to store away some of your living room clutter. If you look at interior design packages in Perth, choose furniture with a taller profile, as this will give the illusion of more space in the room.

Pull furniture away from the wall

A common mistake in small homes is to push all the furniture to the corners of the room. However, this can often have the opposite of the intended effect, making the room feel like its not put together. Leave a gap between the furniture and the wall to give the illusion of space, and ensure you don’t have large blank spaces in the middle of the room. Adding a rug or coffee table is often all that’s needed to bring the space together.

Keep accessories small

If you’re finishing the room with accessories such as vases and candle holders, follow the cantaloupe rule. This means never using accessories bigger than a melon. They can take over the room and soon make it feel smaller. A small jar of flowers, for example, is much better than a big bouquet, which is distracting to the eye and makes the room feel smaller by comparison.

Even a small room can have a big impact with the right design. From the right colours and furniture, to subtle finishing touches, there are many ways to maximise your use of space. The key is to keep things decluttered, but not too sterile, and ensure that you have enough storage space to keep anything that’s not beautiful out of sight.