8 Interior Design Elements That Might Bring Bad Luck

The team at Furniture Fitouts are able to create bespoke designs that reflect our clients’ specific tastes and preferences. And while we don’t consider ourselves to be superstitious, there are a few interior design decisions that some people believe bring bad luck. We’ll explore them below. 

  1. Bed-Facing Mirror
    One superstition holds installing a bed-facing mirror is asking for bad luck. Specifically, it’s believed to cause relationship problems by inviting unwanted outside influence. Who knew that something as simple as this could ruin a healthy marriage? 
  2. Broken Items
    When it comes to feng shui, broken items in your house are ill-advised. If an item no longer serves a purpose, then it could be dragging your home’s feng shui Keeping it around will also serve as a constant reminder of its uselessness – leading to persistent negative thoughts. Resist the urge to hoard and boost the positive energy in your house as a result.
  3. Stuffed Animal Heads and Other Dead Things
    There are plenty of people out there who will be pleased to learn that taxidermy is considered unlucky when it comes to interior design. Mounted heads are the height of taxidermy, after all. But we should note that it’s not just the ten-point buck that could be bringing bad luck into your home. Dead, dried flowers and even potpourri also make the list in this regard.
  4. A Black Door
    Another feng shui tradition tells us that the optimal colour of your front door depends upon the direction it faces. However, a black door is ill-advised regardless of what direction it faces. It’s believed that this colour of door invites bad luck into your home.
  5. Television Set in the Bedroom
    There are plenty of reasons to banish your TV from the bedroom – not least the fact that doing so could help you sleep better and help to combat depression. But as it turns out, many interior designers believe that a television set in the bedroom detracts from the overall design. Leave your TV in the living room and dedicate your private sanctuary to sleep and your early morning rituals.
  6. Peafowl Feathers
    Peafowl feathers are gorgeous to behold, and it’s easy to understand why a person might want to brighten their interior with a few plumes from this majestic bird. But the eye-shaped markings on the male (peacock) feathers are said to be harbingers of bad juju. Display at your own risk.
  7. Cacti and Other Thorny Plants
    This is another feng shui belief. Sharp or jagged objects – including thorny plants – are said to introduce bad luck to the house. If you want to attract positive energy into your home, avoid decorative cacti.
  8. Paintings of Shipwrecks

Paintings that capture the greatest peril of nautical times bring a classic glimpse of a bygone age into the home. But they may introduce more than a sense of nostalgia to your interior design scheme. Some people believe paintings depicting shipwrecks are a source of bad luck, and they displaying one in your home is tantamount to asking for your own domestic disaster.

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