Modern Furniture Choices Pre-2020

The year 2020 is just around the corner. When we used to think of 2020, we imagined flying cars and robots working in our homes. The flying cars may not be here yet, but your furniture doesn’t have to be stuck in the 20th century. 

In many ways, furniture meets the same basic standards. A chair has four legs and a seat, a couch provides comfort, and a lamp creates light. However, Furniture Fitouts wants you to think outside the box and imagine more contemporary possibilities. It’s time for an update that makes your furniture modern and stylish.

Whether you’re selling your home or like to redecorate regularly, Furniture Fitouts can give your home the right contemporary look. Renting modern furniture packages puts together a stylish look for you, saving you time and effort.

Modern Lounges

The lounge is one of the central places in your home where people like to gather and relax. It’s also one of the most public spaces, so having a stylish look is essential. Modern lounge furniture is both attractive and functional.

Gone are the days of tiny floral patterns and the pastel country look. However, that doesn’t mean all patterns are out; some designs are still very stylish and contemporary. Some of the most popular modern lounge furniture options include bold geometric patterns and bright colours.

Contemporary lounge design is also multi-functional. Many people are inspired by the trend of tiny homes and have borrowed the aesthetic choice of space-saving pieces. Ottomans may have additional storage or sofas can hide a bed. 

Although concepts like sofa beds are not new, what makes them unique is the mindset behind their use. More than just being practical, it’s all about having a streamlined function and making the most out of available space and furniture. Minimalism is on its way out, but nobody likes a messy room. 

Modern style is also sleek and stylish. While the new techniques aren’t as minimalist as they once were, they’re still clean and practical. Busy patterns and clashing colours aren’t popular, favouring simpler lines and colours instead. 

When you want to give your lounge a whole new look, you might need a little help putting it all together. Shopping for and selecting the right pieces can be time-consuming. The design experts at Furniture Fitouts can help you find the perfect modern furniture packages to give your home a makeover.

Modern Bedrooms

It doesn’t matter if your home is a temporary rental or if you plan to stay a while. Every home needs a comfortable bedroom to be their sanctuary. Modern bedroom furniture is beautiful, functional, and relaxing above all.

Contemporary bedroom furniture incorporates the soothing ultra-comfort inspired by the Norwegian concept of “hygge.” Hygge is all about soft textures, warmth, and fluffy bedding. If your bed seems like a big, comfy cocoon, you’re following the most modern trend.

Life is busier than ever, with most of us working long hours and getting too little time to ourselves. That’s why your bed is the ultimate place to escape from all the stress. Whether you get enough sleep or not, your bed needs to be welcoming.  

Furniture Fitouts has modern furniture packages to make sure your bedroom is a comfortable and stylish space that you deserve. Don’t worry about how to make your bedroom as relaxing as possible; let the experts handle that for you. 

Modern Kitchens

When you’re setting up a new home, you are likely to pay attention to the lounge and bedroom. You may think about modern dining room furniture and bathrooms as well. However, if you assume that the kitchen will be fully equipped, you may be mistaken.

Most homes and apartments do not come furnished with a refrigerator, dishes, or cutlery. If you move in without planning for these items, you’ll be stuck eating many takeaway meals. You need modern kitchen furniture that will provide all the things you need for a fully functional kitchen.

Fortunately, Furniture Fitouts can help with modern furniture packages for your kitchen. If your house or flat doesn’t come with appliances, we can provide everything you need to make sure you can cook, refrigerate and eat your meals at home. All you need to do is buy the food and prepare it.

However, there are modern trends to consider, in terms of dishes and silverware, too. Some popular kitchen trends include bright white plates and bamboo accents. The overall look is clean and sophisticated.

The best of modern furniture incorporates designs from the past. Mid-century looks are currently enjoying a bit of Renaissance, with apparent influences on current designs. Geometrically shaped furniture, such as couch and table designs, make a home look like it belongs in the 1960s, but with a decidedly modern flair. 

Hiring a professional design service is ultimately more economical than trying to decorate on your own. Not only does a professional service like Furniture Fitouts keep up with the most modern trends, but they also know where to find the best deals on durable furniture. You can get high-quality furniture that is always up to the moment in terms of style. 

When you hire interior decorators, their greatest intent is to create a look for your home that suits your style. They will find the best items they can, regardless of price. However, if you have a budget, they will work with it.

The average person doesn’t have the time or trained eye to put together a stylish, updated home. Interior designers look at every detail to ensure that it all comes together to create a unified appearance.

Whether you’re staging a home for sale or looking to decorate the place where you live, let Furniture Fitouts help. Their expertise can create a sleek, stylish home that you’ll be proud to let others see. It makes more of a difference than you might imagine, and you’ll wonder how you lived so long without them. 

Interior Design Ideas for 2019

Every Year New Ideas and New Styles Mix With Old Classics in Interior Design

As we push into the first weeks of another new year, it’s standard practice for homeowners, home builders, and sellers to think about interior design ideas.

Perhaps you’ve got a display home you need to kit out so you can increase sales?

Maybe you move houses frequently or regularly redecorate your home?

It could be that you want to sell your house for the best price. In all these cases, employing useful interior design elements in 2019 can make your life much easier.

When you’re thinking about interior design packages in 2019, you might be stuck at where to begin. We can help you straight away by suggesting the obvious starting point: getting rid of what you don’t want so you can pave the way for what you do.

Out with the Old – Time to Upgrade Your Look

Fortunately, one of the primary interior design ideas this coming year centres on decluttering.

Don’t worry; we’re not talking about a return to the days of hardcore minimalism. That works far better in theory than practice anyway. Let’s face it, any family with kids will already understand the futility of trying to maintain a sleek and streamlined look.

If you’re trying to identify trends, it’s often instructive to look at things going out of style first. The whole idea of spaces eclectically cluttered is old news as we edge into summer this year. Don’t get us wrong, the odd well-chosen piece that seems slightly out of place with the rest of the décor can and does work well. When you go over the top, though, and stuff rooms with seemingly random objects, it all seems a bit too much.

Luckily, you can extend the idea of eliminating excessive clutter throughout your living space so you can implement interior design in the summertime with a cleaner slate.

So, be brutal and ruthless. Give away anything you don’t want to someone who would appreciate it. Store any stuff that’s run its course but holds sentimental value. Formulating better interior design ideas is so much simpler when you’re not held back by a great deal of old furniture and fixtures. Once you’ve got rid of the old, it’s time to usher in the new.

In with the New

We want to help you come up with the best backdrop for your home without needing to rely on interior designers or consultants. Don’t misunderstand; we can help you every step of the way with anything from the best interior designer 2019 to work alongside you, furniture hire for display homes, or interior design packages in 2019 if that’s what you want.


If you want to go it alone, we’ve also got plenty of smart ideas that can help you achieve the look of your dreams with far less effort than you might imagine while staying perfectly on trend.

If you’re hunting for some inspiring interior design ideas, and you’re still scratching your head, read on.

Things to Look For – What Can We Expect in 2019?

Identifying common trends for the coming year is not tough when you know where to look.

Whatever your reason for redecorating your property, you could do far worse than taking props from these ten key design elements sure to dominate 2019.

Natural, Organic Materials:

This year sees natural and organic materials make their way inside the home. From luxe wooden and stone flooring to make a real statement through to the reappearance of that old classic terrazzo, this is an interior design idea prevalent everywhere you look. Taking this one stage further is the concept of biophilia. In plain English, this is the relationship between man and nature. From live plant walls to the use of daylight to liven up interior spaces, eco-friendly design with natural materials is inescapable in 2019.

Be Bold:

You can leave restraint at the door this summer and unleash your creative beast. With muted and crisp white, stripped-down design starting to lose currency, we’re noticing a marked return of bold patterns in high contrast and a much more daring overall aesthetic. Be bold, and be beautiful in 2019.

Multipurpose Furniture:

Keeping it simple might seem at odds with what we’ve just talked about with fussy patterns, but in terms of furniture, multipurpose pieces are coming fully to the forefront. From chairs with integrated drink tables to standing desk arrangements or laptop stands, and from classic sofa beds to retro ottomans with onboard storage, make your furniture work harder while saving space as well.

Super-Comfy Beds:

One of the most basic and most-influential interior design ideas this coming year is beds with luxe headboards and footboards, many adorned with textiles and upholstery. Make your bedroom your sanctuary and your bed a cocoon to retreat inside when you need some respite from the rigours of a hectic schedule.

Geometric Patterns:

We hinted at embracing boldness and mentioned that patterns are shifting from the already clichéd tribal motifs to the asymmetry of geometric artwork and wallpaper. If you’re not quite ready to roll this out across an entire room, pick off a single wall and experiment on a smaller scale.

Nightwatch Green – Colour of 2019:

Picking a single colour for interior design ideas this year is pretty straightforward. It’s got to be green. Specifically – if you want to stay on trend, anyway – nightwatch green. This is a more toned-down variant of bottle green, and it works particularly well with black, a colour that rates a mention when we move into the kitchen.

The Return of Boho Chic:

Fashion is cyclical, and interior design is no different. Trends come and go, and 2019 sees the return of boho chic. You could argue this bohemian take on design never really went away, but it’s very much at the forefront of interior design ideas this summer. Add some rich layers of mismatched luxe to your home and embrace that bohemian element fully.

Make a Statement With The Ceiling:

Ceilings haven’t played a central role in interior design since way back in the 1920s, but this year everything from wallpaper and lacquer to moulding and paintwork appears on striking ceilings across Australia. By opting for something unexpected, you can create a real conversation piece and draw eyes upward giving the illusion of even more space.

Street Art Indoors:

Don’t panic. We’re not suggesting that you break out the spray can and graffiti your walls. However, mixing up more formal artwork and statuary with a slice of modern art can have a commanding impact in keeping with more maximalist interior design in 2019.

Matte Black and Colour in The Kitchen:

Matte black is inching its way from car wraps into the kitchen, and this can be neatly combined with colourful kitchen appliances and devices delivering a delightfully contrasting look.

Classics That Never Go Out of Style

We fully appreciate that not everyone wants a trend-driven home. After all, we’ve given you a broad spread of interior design ideas for 2019 that you already know might feel slightly tired by 2020 and will soon have you itching for a change.

There is a solution to that, though: classics that never go out of style.

Don’t confuse classic design with a boring aesthetic. Classics are classics for a reason. They endure without looking dated, giving you maximum value for your money along with a more neutral canvas when you’re looking to sell up.

When you’re considering a classic look, think about quality first and foremost. If you plan to get a leather couch that will last the test of time, it’s well worth paying a bit more for the privilege.

The same logic extends to kitchen appliances. Buy the best, and it might just be the smartest investment you make this year.

If you’re going for a truly classic look throughout, it’s worth keeping the vast bulk of your electronics in a dedicated home theatre rather than spread throughout the house. After all, not many traditional homes had hulking TVs hanging from the walls. Smart home technology can help here with small speakers offering great functionality while blending into a bookshelf rather than seeming out of place with a classic layout.

A great deal depends on your taste when it comes to defining classics, so we’ll stop short of listing out specifics. We would underscore once again that you should put quality uppermost, and you’ll be rewarded with a home that doesn’t regularly call out for redecoration.

Let Furniture Fitouts Be Your Styling Destination

If you’ve got the urge to put some of these interior design ideas into practice in 2019 but you’re not confident in pulling it off yourself, we’ve got your back here at Furniture Fitouts.

Whether you need a little consultancy, a helping hand, or complete furniture hire packages, our team of experts is on hand to make that happen.

Contact us any time, and we’ll find the furniture solution that works with your interior design ideas in 2019.

Furniture Hire for International Moves


Make your international move super-simple with professional furniture hire in Perth.

When making a big move – especially an international transition – things can quickly become stressful. There is so much that goes into moving to a new house, and it can all get pretty overwhelming. To help alleviate at least a bit of this stress, one sensible option is to use a furniture hire service.

Hiring furniture might sound like a strange concept, but we promise it is anything but that. In Perth, most available rental properties come unfurnished. This usually means that in addition to having no beds or sofas, there are also no washing machines or fridges.

For a smart solution, you can get short-term furniture hire with rentals to meet your needs until your personal things arrive at your new home. Renting furniture is a less expensive option than purchasing everything new or shipping all your furniture internationally. It’s also much more affordable than staying in a furnished apartment or hotel room until your gear arrives from your old home.

When you are looking into relocation furniture hire in Perth, look no further than Furniture Fitouts. With us, you can find full packages of domestic furniture to get you through. These comprehensive packages of furniture offered by us can be completely tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

Furniture Hire Instead of Furniture Heaps

We know from bitter experience that moving to a new house can be a real headache. We also understand the massive headache induced by international moves.

If you are someone who has to relocate quite often, then you might not even want to bother with moving your belongings internationally, especially if you know you will be moving on again within a short period. If you’ve decided you don’t want furniture heaps arriving on your doorstep, opting for furniture hire is the best choice.

Renting furniture through a fitout service is a great way to feel like you’re living at home without experiencing the headache of moving. You can arrive at your new address, and a fully furnished home or apartment will be waiting for you without having to lift a finger. This reduces much of the stress associated with moving and gives you the ability to get involved in your new community much more rapidly.

Instead of waiting on furniture deliveries, use a furniture hire service to get your home furnished the right way and on budget.

Furniture Hire for When You Arrive

Usually, when you arrive in your new home, you spend weeks sleeping in empty rooms and sitting on the floor while you eat and stare at the walls until your furniture comes from your previous address. When getting short-term furniture hire, you can sleep comfortably in a bed, relax on the couch watching your favourite TV show and enjoy dinner at the kitchen table.

When you arrive at your new address, everything will be set up for you already. You simply choose which furniture you want to be included in your furniture hire, and it will be delivered, unpacked and set up for you when you arrive.

Instead of wasting time going through boxes and putting things together, you can get plugged straight into your new home and start making a life here in Perth without the worry of getting unpacked. When hiring furniture, you’re all set!

Some of our available options include the following:

Kitchen Fitouts: Most homes and apartments will not have appliances like fridges and other small machines. You can also expect a complete absence of cutlery, dishware, glasses, utensils, and cookware. With our kitchen fitout package, you’ll get all these items in addition to a kitchen table and chairs.

Dining Room Fitouts: Should you wish to furnish a dining area in addition to your kitchen, we can provide you with all the seating and tables necessary for this room, too.

Office Fitouts: When working or studying from home, you need a chair and a desk to use. We can provide these pieces of furniture for you as well.

Living Room Fitouts: Everything you might need for your living room can be acquired in your furniture rental package. You can get TV stands, sofas, tables, chairs and anything else you deem necessary.

Bedroom Fitouts: Casual chairs, dressing tables, beds, tables for the bedside wardrobes and other items can be included in your fitout for your bedroom.

Other Fitouts: In addition to all the above-listed items, you can also get bed linen, towels, irons, vacuum cleaners, kettles and washers. From lighting and ornaments through to soft furnishings and artwork, furniture hire completely spoils you and provides endless choices.

You can get all these crucial items delivered so you can get moved into your new home and start living there with minimal messing around.

Once you arrive in your new home, you’ll have bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dining rooms and kitchens set up according to the choices you make when you order your furniture hire package.

Hiring furniture saves you time and effort during the moving process. No one wants to spend days or weeks unpacking furniture and trying to determine where to put it either.

When using a furniture hire service, you don’t need to concern yourself with any of that. The company will bring the furniture to your home, often before you even arrive there yourself. The company’s employees will carefully unpack the furniture and other items, assemble them and install them for you, so you’re ready to roll.

Once your rental period is up and your furniture has arrived, or if it’s simply time to move again, contact the company that rented the furniture to you. They will come to retrieve the furniture they gave you for short-term furniture hire, and your home or apartment will be ready for you to leave or for you to fill with your personal belongings.

Furniture Hire Now, Buy When You Arrive

Another great benefit to using a furniture hire company is that you can start with a clean slate when you move. You can leave behind your old furniture, choosing to sell it or donate it when you leave your previous home and start fresh in your new home.

Hiring furniture for a short period once you arrive in Perth gives you the ability to get settled in without worrying about unpacking. It also provides you with a fully furnished home for far less money than you would spend if you tried to furnish it all at once on your own.

Instead, you can spend some time with a home full of rental furniture while you take your time to shop after the tedium of moving is put to bed.

You won’t have to spend a ton of cash shipping your furniture internationally from your previous address, and you won’t have to swipe a bunch of credit cards working on furnishing your home from the get-go.

Furniture Hire For Your International Move Now!

There are many reasons to consider going with short-term furniture hire in Perth. Not only will renting furniture help you to come home to a fully furnished apartment when you unlock the door for the first time, but it will give you some stress relief knowing that you don’t have to worry about all those logistics.

If you’re moving internationally and are interested in renting furniture for your home or apartment, give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

How to Make Your Home Ready for Spring & Summer

Spring and summer will be here before you know it. Wondering how to get your home all set for the fast-approaching warm weather? The good news is, you have a bundle of neat ways to brighten up your property so you and your family can enjoy these happy seasons to the full.

Spring and summer can also be the best times to sell your home, and by making your home full of the warm and happy spirit of the season, you’re likely to attract buyers galore, especially if you make use of the proper furniture hire.

So how do you go about creating that wonderful spring and summer style?

Your choices are many. The simplest way is to add in some fresh and breezy colours to brighten up your home. You can do this quickly by changing curtains, cushion covers and rugs in the living room, and coverlets, throw cushions and shams in the bedroom. To go the whole hog, you can invest in new furniture made from tropical rattan, bright silks and other evocative materials. Choosing and matching the right colours is vitally important, with cool verdant greens and sunny yellows being the most popular hues for these seasons.

Bear in mind, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, there’s no need to invest in new furniture to suit the seasons. Perth’s leading furniture hire and home staging firm can supply you with the right furniture and fittings to conjure that spring and summer mood.

As a time of renewal and change, spring is also a popular time for people to sell their homes. Just be sure that you home looks its best in the bright light and is also in good shape after the winter.

Air your premises thoroughly after the cool weather, check for mould, fertilise your gardens and lawns, get to work with a pressure cleaner on your drives, paths, terraces and decks, and most importantly, imbue your home with the mood of spring and summer. Then follow this guide to work on the style of your home by changing to the latest trending colours, designs and motifs.

Here’s your guide to some insider design tips to get your home looking fresh and sunny fast.

Use Ice Cream Colours

While pastels are traditionally associated with spring, the latest trend is to take things a tad further by favouring ice cream colours. This doesn’t mean plain old vanilla and strawberry, though those old favourites have their place. This year’s range of gelato colours includes a whole palette from a classic ice cream parlour including baby blues, sherbet yellows, bubblegum or peachy pinks, minty greens and much more.

However, these cute hues are restrained by patterns. No more bunny rabbit motifs or flowers, but instead a return to almost art deco geometrics. To summon up the spring and summer aesthetic, you can invest in cushion covers, paintings, screens, shades, curtains, rugs and other items featuring these patterns. You can also repaint your surfaces in subtle tones derived from the ice cream parlour. You can accessorise with gelato coloured vases, tableware, and tor a total makeover, you can invest in whole new items of furniture.

These shades are ideal for the walls in every room in the house and can be effectively combined with accents and pops of colour to add interest and variety. Another approach is to match ice cream-toned walls with dark rugs or teak floors for contrast.

Your kitchen is especially suited for ice-cream shades and you can also get some new appliances in matching hues. A vanilla microwave, yellow fridge and pink walls can create a kitchen full of the essence of spring and summer in a house that looks almost good enough to eat.


Geometric patterns are in vogue right now, whether on tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, rugs in the living room or in throw pillows in the bedroom. They’re popular because they add a look that’s both retro and modern and can feature a whole palette of colours, including the ice cream hues mentioned above.

You have a wide choice when it comes to geometric shapes including the ever-popular diamonds, grids, circles, herringbone, stars, honeycombs, hexagons, pentagons, quatrefoils and much more. Incorporating geometrics into your walls can be very dramatic, and they’re especially effective in the form of graphic prints in rugs and other floor coverings.

Geometric patterns are modern enough to look great in any space, whether traditional or hyper-contemporary and anything in between. They’re so visually striking, you can get a great effect from just a few, smallish geometric items such as cushions or even vases. It offers the perfect way to experiment.

Also much in demand this year are waterproof geometric membranes that can be affixed to walls in damp spaces such as kitchen splashback, shower screens and shower stalls. They allow you to savour the moods of spring and summer while cooking or bathing.


Derived from the French word for “shaded,” ombre refers to a colour scheme that graduates from light to dark, in what Martha Stewart suggested resembled a transition from wakefulness to slumber.

Ombre is used in everything from wall colours to bedding to artworks to floor tiling to create interest and variety. Other uses are in lampshades and even furniture design. Using the sweet and sugary tones of ice cream colours, you can use ombre in a variety of settings to add a touch of playfulness to the home.

Colour Pops

After choosing your ice cream colours for the main theme of a room, you can use bold and punchy colour pops to transform any living space by adding variety and surprise to any setting. They also let you impose your own personality on a space by contrasting striking forms and bold colours on subtle backgrounds.

Colour pops can take the form of everything from bright shams on a neutral bedspread to vibrant prints on a bubblegum pink wall. It’s the ideal way to add some spice to and springtime cheer or warm summer colour to any space, but strive to use colour pops that complement rather than clash with your neutral ice cream hues and your furnishings.

Tropical Leaves

A touch of greenery always suggests the warm, blossoming months, so what better way to conjure up the spirit of spring and summer than through the use of tropical motifs such as palm leaves? Prints of exotic plants add a summery sense of freshness to any space and imbue your house with a fresh new feeling that’s just right for the season. You can also find cushion covers featuring tropical leaves, or you can go into complete jungle mode with tropical leaf wallpaper.

This floral design trend works to add abundant energising greens to any space. Plus, their lush motifs match especially well with wooden furniture. Other motifs that fit beautifully include colourful tropical birds such as parrots. Tropical moods in the home can work to both create a relaxing ambience and party moods for summer fun.

Other tips include lighting scented candles or using an aromatherapy infuser to create some lovely spring and summer fragrances. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, filling it with the scent of vanilla or lime is a great idea as it evokes a homely feeling.

Get Set for Spring and Summer

Make spring and summer into a really special time for the whole family by preparing your home in advance. Using these tips will fill your residence with a fresh and colourful mood to ensure you enjoy these happy seasons to the full.

If you’re preparing to sell your property during the spring and summer home-buying season, it’s a smart move to make sure you get the best possible price by using the services of house staging professionals to take care of finding and setting up spring decor elements in your home.

Doing it yourself involves searching for the right items at the best prices, ordering and arranging delivery from various outlets and setting up everything when it arrives. Why not save yourself the stress and frustration by putting everything in the hands of an expert who know exactly what you need and where to get it at optimal terms? If you’re not resident at the dwelling, we can also be on hand for delivery and take charge of the security of your premises. Furniture rent services free you up to take care of other matters at this busy time.

Selling your home is a stressful and complex process. Why not let professionals handle the vital task of making sure your home looks it’s very best? That way you can relax and get on with other things, confident everything is in the hands of experts and you’ll get the best price for your property.

To discover the finest in Perth home staging, check out the range of one-stop-shop solutions offered by Furniture Fitouts and get in touch today to learn what we can do for you. We offer full home staging services including furniture rent.

4 New Interior Design Ideas To Brighten Up Any Home

Some people don’t’ care much care what space looks like, whether it be in their home or office space, so long as the space functions as they believe it ought to…

Are there 4 walls? A roof? A door of some sort? A division of spaces? Great, they are satisfied.

This was much the way the world designed their homes for centuries. There was no need for anything fancy, as long as it kept predators at bay and kept you warm at night, it was enough. It was designed without intention.

On the other hand, through the changes brought about during the industrial revolution and the rise of the middle class, things have changed.

These days, many people greatly value how space looks and feels alongside its pure function. It is much more than just going to the shops and buying things you like to fit in your space.

There is an art to design. A science.

People work hard to achieve a home or business environment that is aesthetically pleasing to the people living or working in the space.

The patterns, colours, textures and other elements you choose to use to decorate your space will say a lot about you as well as space.  These design elements can be chosen by other things in your environment that you find pleasing.

Are you drawn to a certain location? For example, if you are drawn to India, you might choose to decorate in bright colours, deep wood tones, or bold prints. Or, if you are drawn to Japan, you might choose to decorate in clean simple colours, with minimal furniture.

You could be attracted to a certain period of time and choose to decorate your home accordingly. If you are thinking of a retro style, like from the 1940s, you might choose a colour palette and furniture style that is reminiscent of this period in time.

Or, if you like the idea of a futuristic interior design package, you can really be bold and unique, as no one knows what the future holds. Regardless of the interior design style you choose, there are a few principles that hold true across the board.

Pay attention to colours. Colours affect the mood and can lend a certain feeling to your space. This is important when designing a home or office’s interior. The colours you choose can help determine how productive the workers are, or how welcome guests feel in your home.

Balance is also an important thing to consider in interior design, but different types of design will lend themselves to different types of balance. In a traditional interior, you will often find that there is symmetrical balance in décor. A more modern design element is an interior with an asymmetrical balance, lending visual interest to the space.

There should be a rhythm to space as well. That isn’t to say that everything should be monochromatic and perfectly matched, but space should be cohesive (unless you are going for a look that is bold and having each space being distinctly separate).

Interior design in the home will be far different than interior design in hotels, hospitals, schools, government buildings, recreational facilities and office buildings. The main reason is that in a place of business, the aesthetic must appeal to multiple people, while in a residential home, it needs only to make you and others living there happy.

Now that we have learned a bit about the principles of interior design, we’ve got some ideas to help you brighten up your space and update your interior design.

How to incorporate dark colours into your decor like a pro

1) The Hipster

A hipster style home is quite popular right now, both in Australia, and the world over.

The design look that comes with a hipster style is really kind of a mix-up of several elements of design. It doesn’t take a lot of planning to achieve this look, and it works best for people in small spaces in the inner city, or students living in tight quarters.

Hipster style love all things vintage and retro. It is affordable, and sort of old-fashioned. It is making things from years gone by look modern and chic.

Think New York brownstone. Suede. Dark wood furniture. The furniture you’d expect to see in Nan’s home works well here.

Hipster style should never feel forced, rather like it was put together on a whim. This is one place you can really get away with a mismatch of colours, prints and styles.

2) The Zen

A Zen-style lends itself to minimalist design.

It feels very open and airy. Calm. Almost ethereal.

Use calming colours. Light green is versatile and will pair well with almost any design scheme but works especially well to evoke a sense of peace.

Light, earthy, natural shades of wood in furniture are to be expected in a Zen-like interior.

Plenty of light from open windows or a variety of light sources, as well as a multitude of plants, will also help to make the space feel calm and chilled out.

3) Modern

If you are a fan of a sleek look featuring crisp, clean lines, perhaps a modern interior decorating style is what you are after.

Expect to see bold, contrasting colours here. Stark white against a deep navy blue or black is common. The colour palette is very simple, and so is the accessorizing. There is not much in the way of art or decorations to draw your attention away from the simple design concepts.

You can also expect to find many elements of metal and glass used in this modern design style.

4) The Surfer

Surfer style should be reminiscent of the surfer’s home – the beach. From the Gold Coast to Cable Beach, there is an expectation of style when one thinks of these places.

Whether they are in the form of wicker furniture, bamboo decorative elements or other places, there will definitely be plenty of wood elements featured in this design. Expect other natural elements such as shells and ropes.

It will be comfortable and there will be coastal colours to remind you of the white sands and blue waters of the ocean.

Hiring Design

Why are you changing up your interior design strategy now? Are you just bored with the old style and in the mood for something new? Perhaps you are moving house and need to sell the old one, but it needs to look updated?

If you need help with interior design, there are many furniture hire companies that will work with you to get the interior design furniture look you are seeking.

Staging House

If you are selling your home or renting it out with furniture included, you can hire an interior designer to come in and do some staging for you.

Hiring a designer to set up your home can increase the selling price of your home. An interior designer can assist you in making your home appealing to a wide array of buyers, rather than making them feel as though they are walking in your home, they can be made to imagine what it would be like if they lived there.

Interior designers can work with furniture, artwork and other things you already own. They can advise you on what items you need to store away, or how to place furniture differently to make the home more pleasing.

If your home is already empty, many home staging companies can bring in a truckload of furniture and fill your house up to meet popular interior design choices.

Commercial Furniture Fitout

If you’re looking to revamp the interior design of your commercial or office space, look no further. Several options are available for a commercial furniture fitout.

What is the furniture fitout? In a commercial furniture fit-out, an interior designer works to develop an interior design package that helps to establish the space you are working with.

If you are constructing a new building, an interior designer can work with the architects through the design process. This can help the developer create a cohesive look and design element for the new living spaces.

Interior designers can also provide the development with furniture for common spaces in hotels and apartment buildings. This can include furniture to be used poolside, in lobby spaces, artwork and accessories as well as necessities in the lounge for the residents.

If you are looking to improve the design aesthetic of office space, furniture fitout can be done to improve the look of the place. This can be done with furniture to include boardroom tables and chairs, artwork, office desks, amenities for the staff rooms and furniture for client and customer waiting for areas.

Final Words

Deciding how you want to design your space can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you don’t know where to begin, call one of our interior designers.

We can help you with home staging, a residential or commercial furniture fitout, or just advice on where to go with your design choices.


For further details or to discuss any aspect of your prospective fitout please contact our Sales Manager.   Contact Us

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