6 Misconceptions About Staging a Home That’s Going on the Market

Perhaps you have heard about home staging, or even seen a television show in which someone stages homes for sale for a living. The purpose of staging a house going on the market is to make it as appealing to potential buyers as possible in order to secure the best offer. However, much of the “common knowledge” of home staging is not the whole story. There are some public misconceptions about the act of staging a house going on the market, and hopefully this will clear it up a bit.


#1 – Staging Is Too Expensive

While, of course, staging a home comes with a price tag, many companies offer surprisingly affordable home staging packages and options, and many are willing to work within a certain budget to help satisfy your desires. At Furniture Fitouts, for instance, we are more than willing to work with clients both local and overseas, and will do our best to find the right package at the right price point for you. Finding the right company and the right price to assist with your home staging can be much easier than you think.


#2 – Self-Staging Is Better

Though perhaps this might be easy to believe, self-staging might not be the best choice. You may think you will save money or that you know the home going up for sale best, but proper home staging requires an objective eye. People grow attached to their homes, and even when voluntarily leaving them, they may find it difficult to see the home without the sentimental attachments that you have to the house. Hiring an outside company or home stager will allow for proper assessment and staging of your home for sale.


#3 – Staging Is Unnecessary

In the literal sense, this is true. Homes that are not staged do eventually sell, of course, but the fact of the matter is that home staging helps the house sell much more quickly and for a better price. Staging your for-sale home will make it far more appealing to buyers and will most likely result in better and multiple offers. Staging your home will help you receive the best purchasing price for your house, so despite the “unnecessary” aspect of staging, it is beneficial beyond your wildest dreams.


#4 – Staging Is the Same as Decluttering

Though tidying up and organizing may be part of some home staging processes, staging in and of itself is not simply decluttering. Home staging involves a lot more properties, such as adding décor and enhancing the natural positive aspects of a space. Removing clutter will also enhance the beauty of a space, as well, but home staging adds a lot more. Staging a space takes an empty house and takes it to the next level to appeal to buyers. A decluttered space will not have the same effect.


#5 – Staging Is Only for Vacant Homes

Staging can be done in both occupied and vacant homes. Once your home is on the market, a home staging company can stage your home for sale whether you are still in it or not. Though vacant homes may be “easier” to stage, occupied homes can also easily be set up to appeal to the buyers who come to view your home. It may also seem odd to allow a home stager to rearrange and stage your home while you are still in it, but remember that they are only trying to help you appeal to buyers. Whether the house is vacant or you are still occupying it, you must trust the judgment of you home staging company.


#6 – Staging Is Lying

Many people claim staging is lying to buyers or presenting a false image, but this is just a misunderstanding of the idea of home staging. Staging your house does, in some ways, cover up potential “problems” that may exist in your home currently, but the real idea behind home staging is to enhance the room without detracting from it. In this way, staging differs from interior design. Though staging is intended to make the home more appealing to buyers, it is not false as it is simply a way of making the existing room more likeable to buyers without distracting from the room as it is.


Home staging is an invaluable tool for home sellers, and it should not be done alone. If you are planning to sell your home, consider a home staging company to help make your house the best on the market! Our consultants at Furniture Fitouts can help you get the right style to make your home appealing to any buyer!

What to Look for in Modern Furniture Design for Families in 2018

Finding the right furniture for a family home can be difficult, but with some help and some research, you will most certainly find the right fit for your home. Modern furniture has recently seen a rise in popularity, and 2018 will be no different. Many companies and websites exist to assist you in your search for quality modern furniture, and with the furniture packages we offer at Furniture Fitouts, you can be sure to find the right set of furniture for your home. As you search for designs to update your home décor, here are a few things to look for in modern furniture for family homes in 2018, and some tips on how to find them.


Wood Work

Wood working and wooden furniture has recently seen a development within modern styles. While entire modern sets may not be made of wood, there are elements to modern designs that contain wood, especially dark wood, in order to create sleek lines and contrast. Wooden decorations and wooden parts of furniture (such as a sleek chair with wooden legs) are a sure hit in 2018.


“Retro” Styles

While it might sound counterintuitive, retro styles are incredibly popular in the modern furniture scene today. Metals, bright and fun colours, interesting patterns, and more – many modern furniture designs feature a splash of the “old” and vintage. Actual vintage pieces are also highly praised in the furniture design world, even though they may not be literally modern. Keep an eye out for vintage (or vintage looking) pieces when selecting new modern furniture for your family!


Earthy Colours

Furniture and interior design trends point specifically toward many earth-inspired colours and shapes. Browns and greens take the foreground, with hints of black, blue, dark red, yellow, and various shades of grey to accent the tones. Golden hues and metal grey also offer a beautiful complement to earth tones. Furniture and accent pieces in these colours are very popular in modern furniture designs.


Metal Furniture

On the opposite end of the spectrum from wooden accents, metal furniture is a staple in the modern furniture world. Whether the entire piece is made of metal or simply contains metal accents, all the different shades and types of metal furniture are great pieces of modern style. Metal pieces also tend to be much more sleek and simplistic, which is the main characteristic of the modern style. Some metal pieces may be padded for a family-friendly set up.


Jewel Tone Accents

Finding smaller pieces of furniture or furniture decorations that are jewel toned in colour is a fantastic aspect of modern styles of furniture and design. Cheerful colours such as reds, emerald, sapphire, amethyst – all these colours make wonderful accent shades and pieces. Find lamps, pillows, footrests, etc., in jewel colours to accent the more neutral or lighter shades of typical modern furniture. These pieces will be the talk of your home décor!


Monochrome Colour Scheme

If deep colours are not your style, consider a monochrome colour scheme. Blacks, whites, and greys are another characteristic of the modern style that has been around for quite a while. It is difficult to go wrong with a beautiful, simple monochromatic layout. You can easily incorporate many characteristics of modern design with a monochrome layout. Metals and some dark wooden pieces would be a great fit in a greyscale set up.


Velvet Upholstery

Velvet and velvet-like fabrics are also seeing another surge in popularity. Velvet couches and chairs are a guaranteed hit, but you can also think outside of the box. Perhaps a velvet-covered headboard for your bed, or a velvet cover for your mattress. You can incorporate velvet upholstery in a multitude of ways. The soft texture and plethora of available colours will fit right into your modern family home.


Floral Patterns

Bright, beautiful flower patterns are making a huge comeback in modern interior design. The beautiful, intricate patterns can suit all sorts of tastes in all kinds of families, so anyone can find a floral pattern that suits their home. Children and adults alike can appreciate a fun or elegant floral pattern, so you can readily find a way to make flower patterns fit into your home.


If you are on the hunt for some great modern furniture for your family in 2018, take some time to research modern designs for yourself, and view furniture at local shops or online. At https://furniturefitouts.com.au, we offer a wide selection of furniture packages, and you can get in touch with us for a style consultation to get the furniture that truly expresses your personal style.

Fitout 101: What to Look for in a Furniture Staging Company

When placing your home on the real estate market, it is important to consider all of the factors to get your best price and a quick sale. Furniture staging, the act of setting up (staging) your home with beautiful furniture and décor, can help your real estate sell far quicker and even boost your selling price. With staging, the goal is to create an irresistible home to entice multiple buyers into making offers on the house. There are many companies out there that can help you with the task of staging, but how do you know which company will best serve your needs? Here are a few things to look for while searching for a furniture staging company.


1. View Their Past Work

If the furniture staging company’s website has a gallery of past projects, be sure to scroll through those examples. Buyers want a house that does not feel “fake”, so a company that “over-stages” a home may not be the right choice. If their designs are trendy and realistic, consider that company in your search. If their photographs show homes that you yourself would consider purchasing, that is even better!


2. Look for Referrals

When searching for a home staging company, do not simply rely on your own judgment. Seek advice from neighbours, friends, and your realtor in case any of them have had previous experiences with a home staging company that they employed. In the same vein as referrals, look up any possible reviews for the home staging companies that you’re considering to see what types of experiences their past clients have had.


3. Find Someone with Options

A good furniture staging company will have enough options for you to feel comfortable hiring their services for your needs. Whether you are trying to stage your home for future buyers or you need to prepare your home for habitation, finding a company with multiple choices, selections, styles, and experience will ensure the best outcome. For example, at Furniture Fitouts, we offer many different styles and types of staging, including commercial furniture staging, all of which can be viewed at https://www.furniturefitouts.com.au/. We also offer overseas fitouts for our clients not located in the Perth area. Our services are rendered to provide more flexibility for you.


 4. Ask Them Questions

A company who truly understands home staging and has experience in the field will be more than willing to answer your questions and calm your concerns. While considering a company, be sure to ask any questions you have, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. If they are open to your questions and give you straightforward answers, as well as if they are able to walk you through the process of your home staging, then you should definitely keep that company in mind.


5. Find Your Price Point

This may seem obvious, but finding a company that fits within your budget is incredibly important. A company with flexible options is more likely to have flexible pricing, and therefore they are more likely to work within your budget. Ask home staging companies for quotes and compare them against their services and what they offer. Finding the balance between the right price and high-quality furniture is a key aspect of home furniture staging.


6. Ask About Liability Insurance

While searching for a company, in the initial stages, make sure you inquire about liability insurance. The majority of reputable home staging companies who have years of experience will have liability insurance, so be sure you ask them about it. You do not want to be left responsible for any potential damages or losses that occur during transportation and arranging of furniture. Though companies will do their best to prevent any problems, you want to make sure you (and they) are covered in case of any incidents.


In the end, the biggest and best tip you can follow in searching for a furniture staging company is this: trust your intuition. If you view their past work, ask the necessary questions, receive a quote, and find a company with the right flexibility for your desires and budget, then trust your positive feelings. If the company you find checks all of your theoretical boxes, then they are the company for you!


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