Furniture Ideas for your Perth home in 2018

Whether you’re looking for new home furniture packages in Perth or simply looking to give one room in your property a face lift this year, you’ll probably want to know what’s hot and what’s not from home stylists in Perth.

A lot of the trends we’ve seen over the past few years, such as all-white kitchens and word art, are being phased out, Property styling Perth experts, Furniture Fitouts, are seeing a bold departure in terms of home furniture packages in Perth with customers opting for vivid tones and metallics that make a statement.

Although you should always stick with what you’re comfortable with and what works for your home, if you’re considering interior design packages in Perth, have a look at our list to see what takes your fancy and what’s fallen out of popularity. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and bring out your personality through your décor.

New: Jewel tones

We’ve seen it creep in with summer and as we move towards the winter, it will be all about rich tones that warm the home. Ultra Violet has been named as a colour for this year, and it’s certainly one to consider when choosing living room furniture packages in Perth. If you think that it will be too much on your walls, choose a comfy sofa and some chairs to add an air of opulence to your home. Other shades that are gaining popularity are darker blues and greens, perfect for those who love the ocean.

If you’re looking for furniture package deals in Perth for bedrooms, you may want to consider the calmer relatives of these colours, like lilac or light blue, for a calming effect.

Old: Millennial pink

The interior design world has long been obsessed with powdery pink shades, and whilst they look great against shades of grey and lighter corals or nudes, it’s probably a trend that is on the out. If you’re talking to a home stylist in Perth, they’ll recommend that you use pink for accessories and textiles, rather than investing in bigger pieces when choosing apartment furniture packages in Perth. This way, you get the effect that you please, but the overall theme won’t feel dated and they can be changed out in a few years if the attraction wears off.

New: Brass – the new metallic

Over the past few years, copper has been the go-to metallic but now brass is coming into it’s own. The aged finish lends weight to light fixtures and kitchen cabinets and will complement almost any house furniture package in Perth that you choose.  Watch out for silver making a comeback too.

Old: Word Art

It’s time to get less literal. Spelling out sentiments is so last year. When choosing furniture packages in Perth choose statements that are made through patterns or art, rather than stating the obvious on your walls or pillows.

New: Wabi Sabi

It’s not a made up word, and expect to hear a lot of it this year, particularly when talking to fit out companies in Perth. Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection – a great concept for furnishing your home. Handmade and hand painted items really lend a personal touch to your home, and if you choose these when home styling in Perth you’ll actually find that these items grow more attractive with age. New colours and textures will emerge as they weather the years letting you appreciate the subtle differences and bringing new personality to your home.

Old: Random architectural elements

When choosing house furniture packages in Perth, you’ll notice that complementary styles and pieces are used. Architectural elements that aren’t cohesive with these will stand out, and not in a good way. If you have a modern home, then one old antique piece is not going to fit in your Scandinavian style kitchen. All things can be fantastic in the right setting, but it needs to be appropriate.

New: A return to nature

As we live in a constant state of connection with new technology, the trend for reflections of nature in our home becomes stronger. When choosing apartment furniture in Perth organic materials and earthy tones can help you restore your connection with nature and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Old: Stainless steel sinks

Now seen as minimalist and cold, stainless steel sinks are falling out of popularity. As with the desire for earthy luxury, expect to see concrete, stone and even unusual colours and designs for more daring customers.

New: Furniture with curves

Package deals for furniture in Perth are now including more shapely pieces of furniture, from sofas and chairs to kitchen tables. Gone are the formulaic shapes of old, and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes to your living space – these pieces even look more comfortable.


New: Dark wood cabinetry

The theme for earthy tones continues in cabinetry. Although blonder tones have been popular for quite awhile now, there’s been a shift away from them and there’s a lot of walnut and rosewood being used to create new house and apartment furniture in Perth. Even charring, which leaves a blackened surface effect, can look fantastic in the right setting.

Furniture Fit Outs are specialists in providing furniture hire in Perth and package deals on furniture in Perth. If you’re interested in a particular trend or advice on buying new furniture, call us on 08 9256 4242 or send an enquiry.


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